The Troubling DACA Decision - And Response (2)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Our President supposedly plans to end DACA after six months. DACA is an Obama-era executive order which allows people who were brought to the United States illegally as children to stay in the home they grew up in. According to a recent survey, 53 percent of Republicans support keeping this order. 84 percent of Democrats support it.

74 percent of Independents support it. Thousands of evangelical leaders support it. Hundreds of CEOs and executives from large businesses support it. Republicans such as Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham, Charles Krauthammer, Paul Ryan, and Mike Coffman support it. Despite this, our divisive president is going against the will of most of the country and doing away with it. 

Eighty one percent of White evangelicals backed Donald Trump to be their president last election. The fact that we stay silent as our president screws over the most vulnerable of our people, the people we are called to stand up for, is pathetic. We've got to do better. Every black and white evangelical pastor who doesn't condemn this is to blame. We have a duty to help the poor, and our president is screwing over the people we are supposed to be helped, and yet we keep voting for him in overwhelming numbers. We need to stop being a rubber stamp for the Republican Party until they agree that all lives matter. This includes refugee lives and immigrant lives, not just the unborn. 

Next presidential election, I refuse to vote for Trump unless he drastically changes his tune. I will also not vote for a liberal who will support abortion or cripple our national debt either. I'm still a conservative, but I also have a heart and care for the most vulnerable people, like we all should. If Trump runs again in 2020 and escapes a primary challenger, then I will write in either John McCain, John Kasich, or Paul Ryan. I will vote for someone who isn't polarizing and who truly cares for the poor. Someone who won't just pander to his base, but who will govern over the whole American population. I encourage other evangelicals to demand more and better from their party.

Alexander Ioannidis


* * *

Mr Ioannidis, before you spend any more time lecturing us on what you see as a bad move by President Trump canceling the so-called Dreamer order read the following:

U.S. Code Title 8 Chapter 12 Subchapter II  Part 8 1324

We were a nation of laws prior to the convolution of Far Left idealism and fanaticism with presidential executive orders during the reign of Barrack Obama.

It's now time to return to the rule of established law. That's what the majority of voters in the constitutional mandated electoral system voted for last November.

Ralph Miller 

* * *

When we start making exceptions to laws, when will it end? When we have no laws? When no laws execute judgement or justice?  

I understand to the best of my ability the precarious and unfortunate situation in which these beneficiaries of DACA have been placed. However, I believe the strength of our justice system lies in its blindness. No one is exempt, nor should be, from the rule of law. It is this order and systematic integrity that allows law-abiding individuals safety and freedom. It would be a mistake to jeopardize that integrity.  

As for those who place blame on the President, it is an unsupported blame. He did not put these individuals in their current situation. They themselves or their parents did. To nullify personal agency and responsibility is, indeed, un-American. It will lead to a path of uncertainty and societal deterioration.  

I do not know enough on the current requirements to become a U.S. citizen, but if Americans desire a more feasible or attainable path to citizenship for legal immigrants, then the correct avenues must be taken. Executive orders that disregard published law will not do. These laws and regulations must be passed with the consent of the people and Congress. When we do things the right way, we won't go wrong.  

LeAnne Paul 

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