Please Quit Littering Our Neighborhoods - And Response (6)

Friday, February 2, 2018

To: Chattanooga Times Free Press,

Please stop littering our street on Wednesdays with your Community Papers.  These papers can be seen smashed in every driveway every week. 

No one reads these papers.  No one wants their driveways littered with trash that they have to clean up.   I have asked you to stop throwing your papers on my property several times. 

Please stop littering our neighborhoods!

Donald Holmes 

* * * 

Mr. Holmes, 

I have posted on this in the past but what it took the last time was physically flagging down the driver and politely asking them to stop. The driver was very receptive and polite and it worked (Actually for our entire street) and we have not had an issue picking up their litter since. 

I have noticed an increase here lately around the other neighborhood streets, but so far we have remained trash free. 

Sadly, we should not have to request this as in my eyes it is no different than someone driving around throwing trash out their window and last time I checked that was a fine-able offense.  If you want me to receive it, pay the postage and mail it and then I can recycle it with the rest of the junk mail I didn’t ask for. 

Fingers crossed and good luck. 

Chris Morgan 

* * * 

My buddy says that it is nice that they deliver them on Wednesday, because his trash is picked up on Thursday morning. He just tosses it in when he rolls the cans out Wednesday night. It saves a trip and doesn't get squashed into the driveway. 

I look at it like raking leaves: its just one of the things we have to do while adulting.

Tim Giordano 

* *

The first two writers are correct. It certainly is not a part of adulting to accept someone illegally littering your private property. Cleaning up and not addressing the problem is complacency. 

Times Free Press, stop littering private property.

From my days in gov engineering, I recall that right of way or public owned frontage adjacent to roadways is open game for Wild West distribution of unsolicited advertising.   Check with you local codes office. 

It becomes unlawful when the materials distributed extend to your private property. The hired delivery person has no idea about dedicated right of ways, which vary per roadway. I know the Times Free Press violates private property rules with their advertising liter often.

I have been reading complaints from property owners for years on Chattanoogan.  It seems the TFP would be more respectful of private property rights.

April Eidson 

* * * 

Homeowners with physical restrictions are the only ones who can complain about this problem. Otherwise, if a person finds that picking up the weekly flyer from their driveway is so physically demanding, I recommend calling the TFP circulation department to stop such a heinous act. That is if they can find the strength. 

Sam Taylor 

* * * 

Mr. Taylor,

I am so thankful that a superior soul such as yourself is around to correct us (the bootless and unhorsed simpletons) about our behavior and attitudes. Why should we be upset that someone is throwing papers in our yard? After all, it's just paper. We also shouldn't be upset if someone throws their empty beer cans in our yard, right? Perhaps if the act of picking up the unwanted trash is too "physically demanding", we can hire someone to do it for us.

I am not one with a "physical restriction" so I obviously have no right to complain (at least in your righteous mind). But I do mind having someone talk down to me and others who have a legitimate complaint. If I don't want this junk in my yard, then I believe I have the right to complain and have it stopped. And those of us who are exercising this right shouldn't have to put up with being treated in an arrogant manner.

Ed Bradley 

* * * 

I actually "caught" the delivery driver in the act of throwing one of the nuisance papers in my driveway. I was not quite as nice as Mr. Morgan however and told the driver that if he ever threw another one in my driveway that the chances of him driving away were slim to none. I have not had a single piece of their trash thrown in my driveway since.

Keep in mind that I  resorted to this only after numerous ignored calls to the TFP to cease and desist. 

David Smith

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