Planning Commission Meets Next Monday Afternoon

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Planning Commission meets next Monday at 1 p.m. at the County Courthouse to hear a number of rezoning requests.

Here is the agenda:

MR2018-0021 Declare Surplus City of Chattanooga, Real Property / Gail Hart 5909 Hancock Road County5, City5" width="16" height="16" style="height: auto; border: 0px;">Approve

2018-0022 SEP PUD BWSC, Andy Highlander, Lookout Mountain Conservancy 1835,1837 and 1919 Old Wauhatchie Road County6, City7

Approve W/C

2018-0023 R-4 C-2 Kenneth Spann,Office Properties LP 7331 Shallowford Road County8, City4


2018-0024 C2 R1 Kristen Powell 104 Kingwood Drive East Ridge
2018-0025 A-1 R-1 Niles Surveying Co., C. Barton Crattie, Barry Evans and Joseph M. Pleva 1926 Hixson Marina Road County 3


2018-0026 R-1 RZ-1 Brandi Thompson 434 Whitehall Road County6, City1


2018-0027 Special Deviation from Setback Requirements in UGC Zone Randall P. Taylor, 2525 South Broad, LLC 410 W. 25th Street and W. 26th Street County6, City7 N/A
2018-0028 (FORM BASE CODE) E-RM-3 E-CX-3 SE First Holding, LLC 713 Hamilton Ave County6, City2


2018-0030 Abandon PUD in Resol.# 1107-33B Iraj Radpour 6500 blk of Fairview Road County


2018-0031 M-1 UGC Asa Engineering /Allen Jones, James Munson, GDC Partnership 917 East 16th Street and 1604 Central Ave County4, City8


2018-0032 R-2 UGC Matthew McClanhan/John Sweet, Ronald and Lynne Draugthon 1700 Dodds Ave County4, City9

Approve W/C

2018-0033 Special Use Permit Walden Ridge Fire Hall -Walden Article 4-Section 4.04c(10) DH&W Architects,Andrew Hausler, Hamilton County, Paul Parker 2102 Taft Highway WALDEN


Old Business
2017-0150 R-3 C-1 Jones Bay, Inc., Darrel Jones (Deferred to February PC Meeting) 9546 Hixson Pike LAKESITE


2017-0151 SP Recreational Vehicle Park Jones Bay, Inc., Darrel Jones (Deferred to February PC Meeting) 9546 Hixson Pike LAKESITE


A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article III, Zones and Boundaries, to Delete and Replace Division 4 with New
Text, Brainerd Overlay Zone
A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article XVI Downtown Chattanooga Form-Based Code, Relative to
Recommend Improvements Based on the One Year Review
A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article III, Zones and Boundaries to Add a New Division 6, Lovell Field
Gateway Overlay Zone

CDOT Announces Extended Road Closure On W 3rd Street

The closure on W 3rd Street between Market Street and Broad Street has been extended until Aug.15 due to weather delays. W 3rd will be closed daily between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. until Aug 15 for storm drain pipe installations. View CDOT's map of event and road closures for full details of projects underway in the public space.   (click for more)

Red Bank Apartment Complex Sold For Almost $21 Million

A Red Bank apartment complex has sold for  $20,950,000. The Ridgemont Apartments is at 20 Mason Dr. It has 226 units. The sale was t o Ridgemont Apartments Llc from Ecg Mountain Ridge Llc (click for more)

NAACP Wants Answers On Snafu That Caused 43 Ballots Not To Be Counted In Recent Hamilton County Election

Officials of the NAACP said they have "grave concerns" about an election snafu in Hamilton County that left the ballots of 43 voters uncounted in the Aug. 2 election. The group said there has been little information given on the complex problem involving an earlier shift in voter lines. They have written a letter to Mark Goins, state election coordinator, and Kerry Steelman, ... (click for more)

Hearing Delay On Suit Brought By State Democrats To Keep Robin Smith Off Ballot

A hearing has been delayed on a lawsuit brought by the Tennessee Democratic Party seeking to keep Republican Robin Smith off the ballot in House District 26. Ms. Smith was the only candidate after longtime Rep. Gerald McCormick abruptly announced he was leaving his post to move to Nashville. Chancellor Jeff Atherton on Monday afternoon said he could not take the case until ... (click for more)

Make One Of The Proposed Surplus City Buildings Into A Local History Museum - And Response

The city of Chattanooga currently has no history center or museum. That is because several years ago it was conveyed to the public, in the blinking of an eye, that $9 million that had been raised mysteriously vanished for reasons unexplainable to this date. In the meantime, valuable artifacts and collections are sitting in cellars, basements and storage facilities instead of being ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: No Cell Phones Allowed

There was a time, not so long ago, when school-aged children would learn lessons from a prescribed text, such as a textbook. Today texting is far, far different and, as any of our teachers will tell us, cell phones have become the scourge of education. In almost every classroom, kids will silently text in the shadow of the desk in front of them rather than focus on the lesson. Yet ... (click for more)