Planning Commission Meets Next Monday Afternoon

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Planning Commission meets next Monday at 1 p.m. at the County Courthouse to hear a number of rezoning requests.

Here is the agenda:

MR2018-0021 Declare Surplus City of Chattanooga, Real Property / Gail Hart 5909 Hancock Road County5, City5" width="16" height="16" style="height: auto; border: 0px;">Approve

2018-0022 SEP PUD BWSC, Andy Highlander, Lookout Mountain Conservancy 1835,1837 and 1919 Old Wauhatchie Road County6, City7

Approve W/C

2018-0023 R-4 C-2 Kenneth Spann,Office Properties LP 7331 Shallowford Road County8, City4


2018-0024 C2 R1 Kristen Powell 104 Kingwood Drive East Ridge
2018-0025 A-1 R-1 Niles Surveying Co., C. Barton Crattie, Barry Evans and Joseph M. Pleva 1926 Hixson Marina Road County 3


2018-0026 R-1 RZ-1 Brandi Thompson 434 Whitehall Road County6, City1


2018-0027 Special Deviation from Setback Requirements in UGC Zone Randall P. Taylor, 2525 South Broad, LLC 410 W. 25th Street and W. 26th Street County6, City7 N/A
2018-0028 (FORM BASE CODE) E-RM-3 E-CX-3 SE First Holding, LLC 713 Hamilton Ave County6, City2


2018-0030 Abandon PUD in Resol.# 1107-33B Iraj Radpour 6500 blk of Fairview Road County


2018-0031 M-1 UGC Asa Engineering /Allen Jones, James Munson, GDC Partnership 917 East 16th Street and 1604 Central Ave County4, City8


2018-0032 R-2 UGC Matthew McClanhan/John Sweet, Ronald and Lynne Draugthon 1700 Dodds Ave County4, City9

Approve W/C

2018-0033 Special Use Permit Walden Ridge Fire Hall -Walden Article 4-Section 4.04c(10) DH&W Architects,Andrew Hausler, Hamilton County, Paul Parker 2102 Taft Highway WALDEN


Old Business
2017-0150 R-3 C-1 Jones Bay, Inc., Darrel Jones (Deferred to February PC Meeting) 9546 Hixson Pike LAKESITE


2017-0151 SP Recreational Vehicle Park Jones Bay, Inc., Darrel Jones (Deferred to February PC Meeting) 9546 Hixson Pike LAKESITE


A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article III, Zones and Boundaries, to Delete and Replace Division 4 with New
Text, Brainerd Overlay Zone
A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article XVI Downtown Chattanooga Form-Based Code, Relative to
Recommend Improvements Based on the One Year Review
A Resolution to Amend the Chattanooga City Code, Part II, Chapter 38 Zoning,
Article III, Zones and Boundaries to Add a New Division 6, Lovell Field
Gateway Overlay Zone

Red Bank Commission Approves Rezoning For Bulldozer-Scarred Hedgewood Tract Despite Opposition

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Real Estate Transfers For May 10-16

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Refuting Racism

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