Barcom, Inc. Announces New President

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Barcom, Inc. (Barcom), a provider of data collection automation solutions for warehouse and manufacturing markets, has named John Rewcastle owner and president of the company, effective immediately.  

Mr. Rewcastle was chief programmer and owner of Rewcastle Computer Services until 1991, when he joined Jim Ledbetter as co-owner and partner of Barcom.
They began the business selling bar code applications and custom programming, as well as working with hardware manufacturers selling bar code scanners, printers and portable terminals. Their focus was on automation in factories; with emphasis in manufacturing, distribution and field service.  As the company grew, Barcom developed expertise in RFID, fixed-mount scanning, factory automation, RF infrastructure and application solutions.  

Earlier this year Mr. Ledbetter retired from his position as president after 27 years, selling his half of the business to Rewcastle. “Although this is a bittersweet moment in the history of the company, it seemed like a natural transition for us,” said Mr. Rewcastle.  “We will miss Jim’s knowledge and expertise on a day-to-day basis, but his legacy will carry on into the future of our organization.” 

Barcom continues to provide bar code and RFID data collection hardware, as well the continued development of their own suite of transaction-based software called transACTION, which is an all-in-one software tool that automates bar code & RFID data collection functions, inventory management and data collection processes.  “Our business has always been about being customer centric,” said Mr. Rewcastle. “The future of the company will continue with this focus, with emphasis on technological innovations that further increase worker productivity and improve business processes.” 

Part of Barcom’s plans for the future include identifying new technologies, and the ways in which emerging technology can support the efforts of their customers.  This includes Augmented Reality, Drones and GPS tracking in addition to their core business of bar coding.

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