Jeff Styles Tainting The Jury Pool - And Response

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I have not participated in the poll or gone to the Jeff Styles blog / website to hear all about what happened as he believes it happened. I have seen the initial reporting and other news reports. I agree with several that have written in suggesting to Jeff that he shut up and listen to his lawyers.  But I have heard Jeff when he was on the radio and being quiet is not in his DNA.

What I do see is an exceptional effort to eliminate the potential jury pool from Hamilton County.  So far 2,257 people have expressed their opinion in the poll on his guilt or innocence, with 78 percent not leaning his way.  Now when it comes time for a jury trial you can bet what some of the questions will be of a potential juror.   Did you listen or visit the blog?  Did you read the stories posted in the Chattanoogan and participate in the online poll?

My guess is there will be a lot of folks eliminated from serving on that jury.  Good job, Jeff.  You are going to make it tough to get a fair trial.

Chris Cole
Signal Mountain

* * *

Dear Jeff,

Welcome to the judicial jungle and journalistic justice.  You explained your side. To not have done so would have left you to the court of, "media said it, it must be true."

Your fate is in your hands no matter if an attorney stated other individuals committed "Obstruction of Justice, Actions Unbecoming, Insubordination." It will be you against individuals "who will have their story down pat" and will declare the false narrative in court. 

You are a public figure, but it will not matter.  As you say you have made enemies, in both high places and the uninformed masses. That can be formidable. The the legal system is full of attorneys and DAs who don't care to "handle the truth", will misrepresent, not advise you or have a conflict of interest and the judge may not be made aware of any extenuating circumstances or prearranged agreements.

God Bless and be with you. You did the right thing. Trust in yourself. Present your case. Don't let just one side be heard. Good luck.

James Queen

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