2018 Art Walk On Main In Historic Downtown Etowah Is Sept. 8

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - by Maxine Jones

Merchants and Friends of Etowah, Tennessee invite you to Historic Downtown Etowah Saturday, Sept. 8, from 10 am.m. till 4:30 p.m. The 2018 Art Walk on Main will set the pace for a leisure stroll to meet and enjoy the art of over 20 Exclusive Artists that have answered the special invitation to participate in the 2018 Art Walk on Main.  Each of these amazing artists will be guest of the downtown businesses.  These businesses set up a special space in their stores and businesses for these artists to demonstrate, exhibit and sell the varied  exquisite art selections.

These artists are from numerous towns in Southeast Tennessee as well as some local to the area, but most all have exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the state, and many across the United States and some out of the country.  Most of the guest artists have years of experience, many have art degrees, and most have won awards, often been juried for special shows, museums and art councils, much like they were chosen for this Art Walk on Main.  Some have just found their artistic niche in the last few years; however, their talent exhibits the experience of a well taught and seasoned artist. 

When you say the word artist, most people think of someone who paints with water color, acrylic, oil paint, encaustics and gouache paints, charcoal, etc; their art medium is than applied to canvas, metal, wood, art paper, fiber or other materials with different methods and styles.  Not only will you find artists with all these genres but also, artists that carve wood, make wood furniture – such as tables, stairs, canes, knives and other unique pieces.  Other artists are fine jewelry designers, each using different materials to design and hand make their rare and beautiful pieces.  You will fall in love with the the rockers and chairs that artist, Master Appalachian Craftsman, Jim McGie will exhibit and take orders.  Another rare form of art that is quickly fading is the excellent art ability of chair caning.  Exceptional artist, April Greer will be demonstrating and exhibiting her amazing results from caning.  There will be exceptional art work, like that of Jane Newman from Ooletwah, who paints lovely still life, as well as portraits of children and pets.   Some of the artists mold amazing pieces from clay, using their hands to mold and blend color and form beautiful pieces of pottery and ceramic selections.

Each of these artists see things differently, yet all of their work is masterfully crafted and becomes something that will take your breath away; every artist has given a small piece of his soul when completed.  Their art is not duplicated because the next piece, whether it’s a painting, piece of jewelry, table, bowl, musical instrument, chair, metal sculpture - the mediums used will always be slightly different or applied or formed with different strokes or movement.  Jewelry pieces will have different size, color and shape of stones, gems, or what ever materials  used to create it.  An artist that creates with metal will form many different designs and selections.  Each of these artist’s works will be something to treasure; you might want to ask for their signature when you purchase their unique designs.

Just to name a few of our artists, Allan Sibley – Graphic Artist, Art Director, Illustrator; from London, England, attended Cambridge and received awards from The Royal Academy of Art in London, England.  Go to FaceBook and LIKE Mr. Sibley’s art page and read his amazing bio on Allan Sibley Art on FaceBook.  Lisa Bell is from McMinn County; she is a Visual Artist – painting with mixed media, often photographing her own subjects to paint.  Robert Worth came to East Tennessee from New Providence, Pennsylvania; a wood craftsman, cabinet maker, loves to hand design and make furniture and especially musically instruments.  In his own words, “Music is deep in my soul, it runs deep in my blood, When I lay my hands on wires and wood.”  Paul and Vickie Saladin met while both were actively on duty in the military.  Paul from Ohio and Vickie native Floridian, had even more in common, they loved to create.  Vickie designed, taught and made awesome ceramic pieces; changed her niche to custom design and teaches creative jewelry techniques in more recent years.  She is gifted in wire working, pearl knotting, stringing, bead weaving, stitching and more – all of which produce gorgeous jewelry pieces.  Paul calls his art work “Paul’s Sawdust Shop”; he custom designs and makes all wood furniture.  He has excellent skills in wood turning and often hand carves intricate designs to compliment the furniture.  He will delight you with is stories as well.

Those are just a few of over 20 different artists that will be guest of the downtown businesses in Etowah, Tennessee Saturday, Sept. 8.  The Art Walk on Main will begin at 10AM; you need to pick up a program at the Historic Gem Theater before you begin your walk.  Each business hosting artists in their stores, will have balloons out front; once you visit and meet each and every artist and have the store owners to stamp your program after you visited their guest; you will return your programs, with your name and phone number, to the Gem Theater where you will be entered for drawings to be held at 3:30 PM for door prizes and eight $25.00 Gift Certificates from the Merchants and Friends of Etowah.  You must visit every artist and participating business to qualify for the drawing.  Should you win one of the gift certificates and you’re present at the drawing, you will have till 4:30 PM to return to a store to purchase from the artists or businesses.  You will be notified that you have won and where to pick up your gifts; you will have 30 days to shop with the business or the artist, so be sure to make a note if an artist has something else you might want to purchase and you can contact them.

If you have questions regarding the 2018 Art Walk on Main, call 423 618-0375. The Merchants and Friends of Etowah and all the downtown businesses appreciate and consider it an honor to have each of these exquisitely talented artist as their guest for this event. The Merchants and Friends group create and hold these events to help promote the businesses in Etowah, in hopes that you will return to shop with our merchants and enjoy all of our events. 

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