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"A Test That Counts" Is Sermon Topic At Middle Valley COG Sunday 3/23/2017 10:03 AM
Faith Community Wesleyan To Give Away Clothing & Hot Dogs April 8 3/22/2017 9:14 PM
Eastdale Village Community UMC And Eastdale Nighborhood Association Offer Free Produce On Thursday 3/22/2017 5:14 PM
Samaritan Ministries To Be At Winter Jam Concert Series Sunday 3/22/2017 4:53 PM
Eric Youngblood: Curing The One Spiritual Disease 3/20/2017 11:21 PM
Bob Tamasy: ‘Trophies! Trophies! Get Your Trophies Here!’ 3/20/2017 10:40 AM
One Accord Community Church To Hold Jim Ricketts Memorial/AWANA Fundraiser On Saturday 3/19/2017 3:58 PM
Steve Ellison: Drink From Your Own Well 3/17/2017 8:39 PM
Jan Harrison Is Speaker At On Point’s Annual Love Wins Ladies Luncheon 3/16/2017 6:09 PM
Teen Challenge Names New Executive Director 3/16/2017 4:23 PM
Bob Tamasy: All Power To You, More Or Less 3/16/2017 10:47 AM
Ruth S. Cargle Booster Club Of Bethel A.M.E. Church Celebrates Its Annual Day On Sunday 3/16/2017 9:28 AM
"A Life Taken Because of Sin" Is Sunday's Topic At Middle Valley 3/15/2017 4:55 PM
David Banks Is Speaker At Monthly Scenic City Women's Network Meeting 3/15/2017 2:26 PM
Eric Youngblood: The Snail’s Pace of God 3/14/2017 12:48 AM
Bob Tamasy: Linking Stress, Health – And Faith 3/13/2017 10:45 AM
Steve Ellison: Wisdom Calls 3/11/2017 9:51 AM
"Girlfriends" Conference To Be Held March 25 At Union Hill Missionary Baptist 3/9/2017 1:06 PM
Bob Tamasy: Motives Under Question...Sometimes? 3/9/2017 1:42 AM
"Willing But Not Needed" Is Sermon Topic Sunday At Middle Valley COG 3/8/2017 5:27 PM
“Come To The Table: An Evening Of Worship” To Continue U-Church Series 3/8/2017 2:18 PM
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church To Celebrate 181st Anniversary March 19 3/7/2017 9:21 AM
Eric Youngblood: Reducing The Sting Of Loneliness 3/7/2017 8:18 AM
Bob Tamasy: ‘Three’s the Charm’ – A Different Slant 3/6/2017 1:40 AM
Conference To Be Held For Church Of The Latter-Day Saints Women 3/5/2017 7:48 PM
Steve Ellison: How Long? 3/4/2017 9:00 PM

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