Halloween Candy

  • Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The night sky was black, the moon was pale
When through the woods came a banshees wail
If asleep, I wish to awake from this dream
So I can escape this unearthly scream

Then from across the mountainside
Death on a pale horse begins his ride
It is no joke, it's not a game
Especially if the owls have called your name

I've heard stories, I've read the folklore
Soon misery will visit someone's door
You can't hide, it doesn't matter what you say
For the demon on his horse will have his way

The crows have all gathered up in the trees
It's time for the believers to drop to their knees
If during the night you hear three knocks at your door
Know that your days are no more

Through the trees comes an ungodly yell
It's none other than Satan and the hounds from Hell
If you venture into that dark, black night
Beware of the creatures that avoid the light

They hide in the bushes, the trees and the brush
They will come after you in a maniacal rush
They'll eat your eyes, your ears, your nose
They'll eat all your fingers and even your toes

The best you can do is keep a supply handy
For what they really want, is Halloween candy.

Bill Foust

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