Jerry Summers On Lewis Grizzard - Hair Dryers For Men

Friday, May 13, 2022 - by Jerry Summers

There still exists a controversy over the origin of who was the first macho athlete in professional sports to succumb to the use of a hair dryer in the locker room.

Some advocates contend that it was “Charlie Hustle” Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team that first shed his Brylcreem flattop haircut and let his locks grow to the point that he had to blow dry his mane and dose it with shampoo that “smells like blossoming apricots.”

Another viewpoint, advocated by proponents above the Mason-Dixon line was that it was first baseman, Joe Pepitone of the New York Yankees who was responsible for the demise of the flattop hair cut which immediately led to rapid decline in the stock value of Brylcreem as an oily relic of the past.

Grizzard not only discusses the above electric device but also delves into the effect on the male population of America by Alabama and New York Jets star quarterback Joe Namath reclining in a television commercial scantily clad in a pair of panty hose.  Obviously, this had some positive results amongst his followers and image as “Broadway Joe” during his career in the Big Apple.  No comments by his Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant of the Crimson Tide as to Joe’s undergarments have been located for this article.

Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles has to also be mentioned as a proponent of the commercial value of an ad agency on the national networks as he was clad in a snug and form fitting pair of Jockey undershorts.  Due to the passage of time statistics are unavailable as to whether Joe or Jim were responsible for the highest audience ratings for their public display of their masculinity.

There are also no available statements from the Orioles feisty manager during Palmer’s playing career, Carl Weaver, as to whether the tightly bound shorts adversely affected his ace right hander in his six World Series appearance from 1966-1983.  Although he won four of these games it is unknown as to whether his losses in 1969 and 1979 were in any way caused by his pitching motion being altered by the close-fitting apparel.

Grizzard in published bestseller number eleven, “When My Love Returns from The Ladies Room Will I Be Too Old to Care” (1987) discusses the above topics of athletes pertaining to baseball lockouts in spring training, student and studying athletes, NCAA grades and probation criteria, and Howard Cosell, etc.

Although written thirty-five (35) years ago the contents of this writing still produce belly laughs just like its other ten (10) predecessors in print.

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Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

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PODCAST: Clint Powell Interviews Amy Morrow

Clint Powell interviewed Amy Morrow. (click for more)

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