An African-American Has Special Rights

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ophelia Ford is not stupid. Nowadays, when an African-American doesn't get what they want, all they have to do is play the "race card." Never mind the silly little facts getting in the way; when "The Card" comes out watch everyone, red or yellow, black or white, Democrats or Republicans cower behind political correctness.

I'm sure that I am already deemed a
racist for even bringing this subject up. But so far, at least two of the folks who voted for Mrs. Ford have been shown to be "dead." What's even more disturbing is that one of the election workers who signed off on
the election results has been shown to be in New York at the time of signing.

I realize that some of these allegations need to be pursued, but the results and corruption are not what bothers me. After all, I live
in Hamilton County, where ballots are found in Harrison Bay, an indicted senator (Crutchfield) can have people
hired or fired at will (Dzik), etc. (You probably think I'm making this stuff up because you seldom read about it in the local paper). But what bothers me is even when the facts are staring us in the face, we are called "racist."

This is the point we should all laugh, do the little circle with our fingers beside our ears (to show mental disturbance) and roll our eyes. But we don't. Half the country says "preach it" while the other half are made to defend themselves, just for wanting something so silly as a fair election. All this tells me is that an African-American has more rights than others, because, if you question them, then you are cast to a deserted
island, branded as the next grand wizard of the Klan, and forever marked with a scarlet "R."

Fire the coach at Notre Dame and hire a white guy? Racism. Didn't snap your finger, wave your magic wand and cure the Katrina problem overnight? Racism. You think O.J. was guilty
because of silly DNA? Racism. You like Nascar? Racism. You have a problem that dead people voted for
an indicted legislator's sister in Memphis? Racism.

Trust me, I know racism when I hear it. Just this past week Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Nagin, and Mrs. Ford gave us a good example of racist statements. Hmmm, what do these
three have in common? Oh, and don't look for the story in the local paper. You will not find it.

Jeff Wilson
(member-American Who Thinks We Need More Unity)

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