Lookouts Bounce Back Sunday With Win Over Jacksonville, 8-2

Sunday, June 10, 2007 - by Tim Evearitt
Since coming up from Class-A Sarasota, Carlos Fisher has quickly established himself as the ace of the Lookouts' rotation.

<i>Click to enlarge photo.</i>
Since coming up from Class-A Sarasota, Carlos Fisher has quickly established himself as the ace of the Lookouts' rotation. Click to enlarge photo.
- photo by Tim Evearitt (file photo)

Chattanooga responded to Saturday’s loss to Jacksonville with an 8-2 win Sunday afternoon thanks to another quality start from Carlos Fisher.

Fisher (2-1/1.26) went 6.0 innings giving up one run on seven hits; he walked three and struck out seven batters.

The Suns got their only run off Fisher when Anthony Raglani led off the second inning with his 10th homer of the year.

Jacksonville’s Alvis Ojeda (1-4) scattered five hits over six innings. The big blow off Ojeda came in the fourth when Caonabo Cosme hit a two-run homer to give the Lookouts the lead, 2-1.

Greg Miller replaced Ojeda in the seventh and did not retire a single batter. Five runs scored (four earned) before he left for reliever Mark Alexander. Concerning Miller’s performance, the Lookouts could have been singing the old Chubby Checker song, “I’m walkin’.”

- Tonys Gutierrez walked;
- Cosme walked;
- Pinch hitter Jay Garthwaite singled, driving in Gutierrez from second;
- Drew Anderson walked;
- Marland Williams walked forcing in Cosme with another run;
- With Tyrell Godwin batting, Miller uncorked a wild pitch. That was it - on came Alexander, and what does he do?
- Godwin walked;
- Enrique Cruz hit a sacrifice fly that center fielder Xavier Paul dropped permitting Anderson to score;
- Ryan Hanigan’s sac fly scored Williams with the fifth run of the inning.
- Alexander set down the last wo hitters.

The Lookouts added another run in the ninth.

The Chattanooga bullpen did it’s job. Tyler Pelland yielded a run in the seventh inning, but Brock Til and Calvin Medlock threw scoreless innings.

* * * * * *

The teams meet early Monday at 11:45 a.m. Larry Ward calls all the play-by-play action over AM Radio 1310 WDOD or over the Internet at lookouts.com.

The first-half of the season ends Sunday, June 17. The Lookouts open the second-half at home, June 18, against the Birmingham Barons.

Caonobo Cosme, who hit his third homer of the year.

<i>Click to enlarge photo.</i>
Caonobo Cosme, who hit his third homer of the year. Click to enlarge photo.
- Photo2 by Tim Evearitt (file photo)

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