Ex-Wife Believed Signal Mountain Chiropractor Possessed By 3 Demons, Police Testify

Tina Loher Intended To "Create 3 Portals Of Exit So They Can Leave"

Friday, July 17, 2009 - by Judy Frank

A Hamilton County Sheriff's deputy testified Friday morning that evidence discovered in her home indicated 41-year-old Tina Loher shot her ex-husband because she believed he was possessed by demons that were trying to hurt her and her two children.

"I am very concerned about the mental and psychiatric problems this lady may have," General Sessions Court Judge Ron Durby said after hearing the testimony.

He increased Ms. Loher's bond to $500,000 on an attempted first-degree murder charge and $50,000 each on two charges of reckless endangerment.

On July 10, the same day that Mrs. Loher traveled four hours to the office of Signal Mountain chiropractor Dr. Terrance Loher and then shot him, Detective Roger Brown was dispatched to her home in Eidson, Tn., he testified.

"There was a 3-ring binder lying on her bed," Detective Brown recalled.

The notebook contained an entry Mrs. Loher apparently had written sometime during the early-morning hours of that day, he said.

"I know now what I have to do," she had written. "There are three demonic spirits in (Dr. Loher), one assigned to me and one to each of my children."

"I have to create three portals of exit so they can leave . . . I have to destroy (his) phones and computer since he has communicated with me through them while in possession of these demons," the entry continued.

Under cross-examination, the detective said the notebook was one of several ledgers taken from Mrs. Loher's home. However, he added, "We have not had a chance to read all of them yet."

Sgt. Robert Starnes, the chief investigator on the case, is out of town this week, he said, explaining the delay.

He said he was dispatched to travel to Hawkins County just hours after the 9 a.m. shooting that left the chiropractor in critical condition at Erlanger Hospital and his wife in custody at Silverdale Workhouse.

After he conferred with them, he said, Hawkins County law enforcement officials secured a warrant and then searched Mrs. Loher's home.

Dr. Loher, who entered the courtroom in a wheelchair accompanied by his heavily pregnant present wife, testified that he had just finished treating a patient when he saw his wife in the reception area of his office on July 10.

"She walked through the reception area . . . took out a gun . . . and shot me," he said. "I didn't realize that I had been shot. I rushed toward her . . . and wrestled with her . . . and the gun went off again. I hit her in the head."

By that point both of them were lying on the floor, he said. He kicked the gun away from them, and then tried to stop the bleeding from his leg, he stated.

"After I hit her I'm not sure if she was conscious," he said. "She was lying still . . . (eventually) she started moving around, trying to get up . . . I kicked her in the head with my good leg, and then she was quiet."

Throughout the struggle, he said, "she was speaking in tongues . . . speaking gibberish . . . nothing I could understand."

After police and emergency medical technicians arrived, he said, his ex-wife told them "he has demons in him."

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