Chamber Of Commerce Is Un-American - And Response (2)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has become uniquely un-American. It is easily expected and understood that their very name implies their single minded approach to life: commerce. It is highly questionable that an organization founded on uniquely American principles, has drifted so far as to promote commerce even at the expense of our country-at large. The promoting of outsourcing American jobs to other countries is at the very least irresponsible, and at the worse: seditious.

It's high time someone in the Chamber actually read some of the thoughts of Charles de Secondat. The United States wasn't founded on the principle of commerce, but on the principle of "We The People." We The People...the consumer... have the power to make all the choices about commerce. Choosing between an over-priced Toyota or Chevy is not a consumer driven economy.

What is it that people don't understand that as our manufacturing jobs went overseas, our economy went down the drain? Can anyone read? Soon hopefully, the sheeple in this country will come to this conclusion, or at least be able to read.

Steve Durham

* * *

I am a proud member of the North Chattanoga Chamber of Commerce, and I am certain Mr. Steve Durham would be surprised to learn that not only can I read, but I have a Marketing Degree from the University of Tennessee. He must have been living in a cave the past few years to have missed what is going on in Chattanooga and Tennessee.

I am sure the Germans would be surprised to learn that the Chamber is responsible for outsourcing "all" our jobs to foreign countries with the new Volkswagen plant in Ooltewah. I am sure the Japanese would be surprised to find a Komatsu plant out Signal Mountain Road. And I know the French would be surprised to find an Alstom facility in downtown Chatanooga.

Mr. Durham even makes a snide remark about Toyota in his letter. I am sure he would be surprised to drive up I-75 past Lexington and find that Toyota Camrys are made in Georgetown, Kentucky. He might drive up to Smyrna and see the huge Nissan plant that has been open for 30 years and then drive over to Franklin and see the North American Corporate HQs of Nissan. And while he is in the area he might drive up to Nashville and see the Bridgestone HQs of their Americas operation.

So Mr. Durham, take a trip someday and you will see that not "all" jobs have been outsourced and in fact many thousands of high paying jobs have actually been, "insourced" to our city and state.

Doug Jones
North Chattanooga

* * *

Perhaps Mr. Doug Jones should research how the American Chamber of Congress (the national organization) is funneling money from foreign "AmChams" into our political system. And how they used that money to kill the anti-outsourcing bill in Congress. It may surprise some to know how partisan the National Chamber beaome in the last election.

Perhaps Mr. Jones would be interested to know that over forty local chapters have issued statements distancing themselves from the national chamber over partisan ads and killing the outsourcing bill. Some local chambers, such as the Greater Hudson Chamber are breaking their affiliation with the U.S. Chamber over these and other issues.

Once upon a time the Chamber was a non-partisan group that advocated for American Business. Today's American Chamber of Congress is not your fathers Chamber.

R. W. Young

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