Excessive Punishment For The Dalton Police Officers

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I have read the news story on the suspension of the two DPD officers for their actions on the school bus a few weeks ago and I am utterly amazed at the level of disciplinary action taken by your chief. A school bus full of kids is so disruptive that the driver has to stop the bus and have his dispatcher call 911, out of concern for the safety of those being disruptive and the kids who weren't, as well as the rest of the community...and two officers find themselves losing two days pay (each), 40 hours of community service, a formal letter of reprimand and re-training.  

There is no doubt in my mind that many of those kids use language just as bad as the officers used, probably worse. I spent nearly 21 years in law enforcement and I can tell you, from working 13 years in East Lake (Chattanooga) that sometimes a police officer can't be nice. I am all for professionalism in law enforcement and feel that the officers should have been disciplined, but the level that your chief took it to is absolutely absurd. 

I have to wonder if he remembers what it is like to have to work the streets or if he has spent too many hours behind a desk. A letter of reprimand and re-training in verbal judo would have gotten the point across without body slamming two officers and blasting it all over the news. 

Disciplinary action such as this is going to make your officers hesitate and/or second guess themselves at times when they don't need to, chief...and an officer is going to get hurt.

Marty Penny

Vote For Rhonda Thurman

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