Hamilton County Uses Statewide Automated Victim Information And Notification

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ninety-two of Tennessee’s 95 counties have implemented Tennessee SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification), and the remaining counties of Hancock, Hardin and Van Buren scheduled to be online in less than a year. “Protecting the citizens of Hamilton County is always one of our highest priorities,” said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

“SAVIN is a vital tool for crime victims,” said Sheriff Hammond. “Being able to check on the custody status of an offender anytime, day or night, and being able to easily register — for free and anonymously — to be notified if that status changes gives them tremendous peace of mind and helps keep them safe." 

Gary Cordell, SAVIN program coordinator of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association says, “We’re very pleased to be able to provide this service and are looking forward to having every county online in the very near future.”

SAVIN registrations across the state have increased nearly 30 percent in the last 12 months. SAVIN is available at www.vinelink.com or by calling 888.868-4631. It is also accessible through the VINEmobile app, which launched in May for both Android and iPhone devices.

With the introduction of VINEmobile, it’s even easier to find out the status of an offender and register to be notified about custody status changes. VINEmobile is the on-the-go version of VINE, available as a Weblink on the sheriff’s website, that lets people access information about criminals arrested in the community. VINEmobile is free to crime victims and is anonymous for users.

“The sheriffs in Tennessee are concerned about the safety of our victims and their continued support of the program has made it successful”, said Mr. Cordell, “VINEmobile is another tool to help our victims while keeping communities safe and informed.”

The app also has links and access to victim’s services, resources and emergency numbers along with public safety announcements. 

Mr. Cordell also says that nine sheriffs’ offices in the state are on the MobilePatrol app, which allows sheriffs to more efficiently and effectively share public safety information with their communities. Users of the free app are able to see who’s in jail, access lists of the most wanted persons and child custody offenders, receive emergency notifications, provide crime tips, access SAVIN from the app, and more. Cordell stated there have been more than 82,000 SAVIN registrations via MobilePatrol this year.

The counties currently available on the app are: Crockett, Hamilton, Moore, Rutherford, Dyer, Knox, Roane, Wilson, Fayette, Monroe and Robertson.

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