Chris Harvey Qualifies To Make Sheriff Race

Friday, January 10, 2014
Chris Harvey
Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey qualified on Friday for the Republican Primary as a candidate for Sheriff.

He said, "I'm the only Sheriff's candidate that has served throughout the Sheriffs Office from the Jail to patrol to narcotics detective to Internal Affairs supervisor

"I'm thankful for the support of the rank and file deputies and officers not only in the Sheriff's Office but throughout the Hamilton County law enforcement community.

"I'm running for Sheriff because I will be a better manager of taxpayer dollars. I will not ask for $300,000 above the budget only to use that money to hire family, friends and campaign contributors. I'll certainly not hire my son to do a non-essential job and make him the highest paid hourly employee at $35 an hour.

"I'm concerned over President Obama's policies not his race. I don't think there's going to be a race rebellion that mimics the post Civil War era. I think a young person that gets a little rebellious needs the love of a family and needs to go to church and school not be sent to the funeral home.

"I'm a life-long Republican. Charlie Peveyhouse invited me to Ronald Reagan's Inauguration. I didn't switch parties. As a Republican I certainly could not support Andy Berke for Mayor. I'm the only candidate in this race that can say that. I'm the only candidate that didn't write a check to Andy Berke's campaign. 

"Bobby Dodd and I have been in touch with one another as recent as last night. He's considering several options in the political and private sector. He encouraged me in my campaign. We have the utmost respect for one another no matter politics." 

Storm Sewer Inspection Project Scheduled For 2 Intersections This Week

A storm sewer inspection project is scheduled for Tuesday, through Friday, at the intersections of Hampton Street and Palmetto Street and Hampton Street anad East 3 rd  Street.   All work will be performed in the evenings from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m.  The project will include single lane closures with flaggers. In order to view a map of these closures, visit:  ... (click for more)

Hunter Museum To Host Jazzanooga Brunches This Fall

The Hunter Museum of American Art will host a special series of brunches this fall featuring live jazz in partnership with Jazzanooga, a citywide celebration of jazz co-founded by Shane Morrow and James McKissic. The Hunter Museum has been a partner with Jazzanooga since its 2011 inception. This year they are expanding the partnership beyond the April events to include a series ... (click for more)

Bradley, 24, Charged In Death Of Boy, 3; Child Had Numerous Injuries After Left With Boyfriend; Mother Was In Workhouse

Justin Dale Bradley has been charged with criminal homicide in the death of a three-year-old child, who was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday and later died. Police said Dakota James Arndt had numerous injuries over his body. Authorities said Bradley, 24, is the boyfriend of the child's mother, Brianna Kwekel, who was in the Workhouse at the time. Ms. Kwekel was serving 48 ... (click for more)

Helen Burns Sharp Asks Recovery Of Legal Fees In Successful Black Creek TIF Lawsuit

Helen Burns Sharp, citizen activist who sued to try to stop a $9 million Black Creek Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and won, is seeking to have her legal expenses paid by the city and the developers. Ms. Sharp said in a court filing that her legal bills to attorney John Konvalinka are $74,427 thus far. Chancellor Frank Brown ruled in favor of Ms. Sharp, saying the Sunshine ... (click for more)

Decimating The Chattanooga Public Library

Corinne Hill claims that the library is just undergoing a normal weeding process for eliminating books.  She has bragged that she's responsible for the elimination of over 100,000 books - with more to go. "Normal" weeding is not rampant throwing away.  Yes, books go to the Friends for their sale - where they get $2 for a $75 book and thousands wind up being recycled ... (click for more)

The Many Lessons I Learned From Helen McDonald Exum

Helen McDonald Exum was my friend and mentor. As I think of her passing I can only imagine the celebration that is happening in heaven as the news of her arrival is being told. I am sure that there is a party that not only has she organized but that there is not a detail that has been left to chance. I am sure that it is the grandest of events, for you see, she has been planing ... (click for more)