Chris Harvey Qualifies To Make Sheriff Race

Friday, January 10, 2014
Chris Harvey
Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey qualified on Friday for the Republican Primary as a candidate for Sheriff.

He said, "I'm the only Sheriff's candidate that has served throughout the Sheriffs Office from the Jail to patrol to narcotics detective to Internal Affairs supervisor

"I'm thankful for the support of the rank and file deputies and officers not only in the Sheriff's Office but throughout the Hamilton County law enforcement community.

"I'm running for Sheriff because I will be a better manager of taxpayer dollars. I will not ask for $300,000 above the budget only to use that money to hire family, friends and campaign contributors. I'll certainly not hire my son to do a non-essential job and make him the highest paid hourly employee at $35 an hour.

"I'm concerned over President Obama's policies not his race. I don't think there's going to be a race rebellion that mimics the post Civil War era. I think a young person that gets a little rebellious needs the love of a family and needs to go to church and school not be sent to the funeral home.

"I'm a life-long Republican. Charlie Peveyhouse invited me to Ronald Reagan's Inauguration. I didn't switch parties. As a Republican I certainly could not support Andy Berke for Mayor. I'm the only candidate in this race that can say that. I'm the only candidate that didn't write a check to Andy Berke's campaign. 

"Bobby Dodd and I have been in touch with one another as recent as last night. He's considering several options in the political and private sector. He encouraged me in my campaign. We have the utmost respect for one another no matter politics." 

Shirley Keyes Named 2014 Signal Mountain Woman Of The Year

Mrs. Shirley Keyes of Signal Mountain was named at the 2014 Signal Mountain Woman of the Year Wednesday at the annual Signal Mountain Community Guild Dogwood Luncheon.  "This year's recipient was selected because she is an example of volunteerism," said Lara Buchheit, chairman of the Woman of the Year selection committee, as she made the announcement, which is the highlight ... (click for more)

Jenkins Road And Center Street Closed Wednesday And Thursday

The 1400 block of Jenkins Road will be narrowed to one lane for a sewer rehabilitation project.  Flagmen will be onsite to control traffic flow.   Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. until  4 p.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday.  Flagmen will be onsite to control traffic flow.      The 2300 block of Center Street will ... (click for more)

Catoosa Man Convicted Of Sexual Abuse Of 5 Young Girls Gets Life Plus 250 Years

A Catoosa County man convicted of the sexual abuse of five young girls and possession of child pornography has been sentenced to life plus 250 years. James Martin Ferris, 34, was found guilty after a recent trial. The day after his conviction, Judge Ralph Van Pelt set the sentence. Ferris on June 5, 2013, was indicted by the Catoosa County Grand Jury on 46 counts.   ... (click for more)

Rev. Jesse Jackson To Be Guest Speaker At City-Wide Peace And Love Rally On Friday

Rev. Jesse Jackson will be the speaker at the City Wide Peace and Love Rally at Olivet Baptist Church, 740 East ML King Blvd.,  on Friday, from 5:15-7 p.m. Rev. Jackson is the founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Cedric Pendleton, actor and humanitarian with Have and Have Nots/House of Payne/Fantasia Story, will be the special guest. (click for more)

Use The Current Rail System Already In Place - And Response

Why spend $20 million or more on an unproven system to run from the Southside of Chattanooga when we already have the beginnings of a system?  The question apparently has surfaced of why the Choo Choo City doesn't have a rail line. We do have a rail line with the Tennessee Valley RR Museum and their hardware. And they already make runs from the Southside to close to Enterprise ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: UAW Voices In Detroit

Today we are going to eavesdrop on somewhat of an open conversation that was held far to the north after the United Auto Workers surprisingly dropped a legal challenge with the National Labor Relations Board in Chattanooga the first thing on Monday morning. The NLRB judge certified the VW workers’ February vote to turn away the UAW at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen manufacturing plant ... (click for more)