Second Casting Call Added To The Backlot Event At Heritage House

Friday, January 17, 2014

Two casting calls will be held simultaneously at the film maker event “The Backlot” Monday at 6:30 p.m. at The Heritage House in East Brainerd. In addition to the previously announced call, David Blanchard will be casting three male roles for his short film “Things That Matter.”  

The roles pay a stipend.  Shooting days will occur on Feb. 8 and 9.  Actors interested in receiving sides prior to Monday should send an e-mail to . Details for the film and roles are as follows.

 Production Title: The Things that Matter
Production Type: Independent/Student
Director: David Blanchard
Production Company: Bryan College Student Project
Project Length: Short Film (8-9 minutes)
Shooting Location: Dayton, TN
Shooting Dates: February 8-9 (Saturday & Sunday)
Compensation: $90 for lead role of Jim
$40 for Jim’s old and new bosses (only one day needed)
Room & board

Synopsis: Jim is a young artist who is torn between following his idea of success and trying to keep up his relationships. His life revolves around his girlfriend Amelie, but when he accepts his dream job at a creative agency, he becomes more and more distracted by his work until he realizes he has to do something about it.

Character Bios:

Jim - male - age 20-25

Jim is young, talented, and ambitious, which is why he is somewhat frustrated with his job as a barista at a small coffee shop. He is a gifted artist, and would rather be employed by a company that would make use of his skills. His life revolves around his girlfriend Amelie, whom he meets with frequently at the coffee shop. He is very expressive and enthusiastic around her, but after he lands his dream job at a creative agency, he becomes more and more distracted by his work and always seems to be elsewhere in his mind. Once he finally realizes the damage done to their relationship, he must decide whether it was worth it and what, if anything, he can do to salvage the situation.

Coffee Shop Boss - male - age 45-55

Jim's first boss is gray-haired and slightly shorter in stature. As owner of the coffee shop, he is a hard worker- but he is also understanding and generous to Jim, letting him clock out regularly so

that he can meet with Amelie for a short while. He has a friendly aura and displays a pleasant grin. 

Creative Agency Boss - male- age 30-40

Jim's new boss at the creative agency- he is very energetic and is always pushing to get the next big project done. He is dedicated and a perfectionist, willing to stay late in order to meet deadlines and make sure the project is done exactly the way he wants it. Although he is friendly with Jim and seems to be more the informal side, he isn't afraid to push his employees.

Heritage House is at 1428 Jenkins Road.

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