Living Jazz Series Continues Sunday With The Undoctored Originals

Thursday, January 02, 2014
The Undoctored Originals
The Undoctored Originals

Jazzanooga’s collaboration with Barking Legs Theater on showcasing some of Chattanooga’s musicians and performers continues Sunday with The Undoctored Originals.  

Review for The Undoctored Originals:

The Undoctored Originals (the "Undocs") formed when three doctors from Virginia, Maryland, and New York met in Atlanta to record extemporaneous compositions for guitar, keyboard, and saxophone. The recordings from this session represented a new genre of music, sometimes called "chance jazz," where conventional elements of tonality and tempo are deconstructed into pure sound and motion, resulting in a recursive self-assembly into unpredictable melodies and forms. 

The Undocs are well known within the local jazz scene and are featured every month as the house band for the popular open talent night called Wide Open Floor that showcases at Barking Legs Theater.   

Their sound is a mix of jazz, rock, funk, improv and more. Special musical guests can be expected. 

The performance begins at 5:30 p.m. at Barking Legs and admission is $10 for adults; $5 for students with valid I.D. 

Concession area will be available during the performance. For more information, go to 

For more information on Jazzanooga, a citywide celebration of Jazz created in 2011, is a successful community initiative that not only draws from the cultural relevance and history of the city and its residents, but also provides a festive platform where segments of the community that may not regularly interact can gather and celebrate together Chattanooga’s  jazz heritage.

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Free Concert Sponsored By The Chattanooga Songwriters Association

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