Catch Seafood Bar And Grill – Catching Up

Friday, October 24, 2014 - by Willie Mae

My friend Patsy moved away from Chattanooga some years ago so when I learned that she had moved back in town I wanted to see her. I told her about my hobby so we planned to get together for lunch. I hadn’t been in the Cleveland area for a while, so we decided to go to a place we looked up online called “Catch Seafood Bar and Grill” on Inman Street.

There was construction mess all around exit 20, but we made it through just fine. We first saw a place called Cache, but that wasn’t it.

Two buildings further, we found Catch. I liked the looks of this place. It seemed like a nice restaurant and it was close to a park.

Patsy is a little younger than me. She is a retired nurse, but recently took a part time job working with Alzheimer patients. She is intelligent and is still quite the looker. It was good to see her.

As I got out my note pad and began jotting down some notes, I wrote her name down as “Pasty” and got tickled. I told her what I wrote and she said, “That’s okay, I am a bit pasty… it’s the night cream.” It’s a good thing when senior citizens can laugh about getting old.

The waitress was good to let us “catch up” (pun intended) before taking our order and we just ordered our Diet Cokes. Patsy wanted chicken salad, but wanted to know how they made it first and asked me if it would be rude to ask. I told her didn’t think so because some folks may be allergic to certain ingredients and I think it is okay to ask. And, the way that designer food is today, you never know what concoctions people come up with. What you think you are getting could end up quite different.

Patsy asked our waitress what was in the chicken salad and whatever she told her, Patsy liked and decided to have the chicken salad. I ordered the Hot Rock Shrimp wrap for $8.90 and the waitress talked us in to an appetizer of fried green tomatoes with white corn breading, Creole sauce, and blackened shrimp for $9.50. Then she came back and let Patsy know that they were out of chicken salad and asked if she would like something else.

Patsy looked bewildered because it seemed obvious that she would want to order something else and because our waitress already took our menus away Patsy began to look around. The waitress’s light bulb finally went off and she said, “I will go get a menu.”

Patsy made a quick selection and ordered the Grouper sandwich for $10 and we continued chatting while we tried the fried green tomatoes. They were warm, dressed up and pretty with a little shrimp topping off each one. I could have done without the fancy-fried and just had regular fried green tomatoes and Patsy agreed. We like them tart and they didn’t seem to have that ‘wang’ but we knew that was probably because of the season.

Our sandwiches arrived and they looked scrumptious! My wrap was easy to eat and had a touch of spice. It came with French fries and they were good too – crisp, but not too thin. I liked how they served them with a small cup of ketchup on the side so I didn’t have to squirt a mess on my plate. This place was right up my alley. Patsy enjoyed her Grouper too which also came with fries.

We decided to share a dessert and looked through the dessert menu. It was between the cheese cake and the chocolate torte – all the desserts were $6. When Patsy read the description of the torte, it listed ‘peanut powder’. She said, “What is peanut powder? As far as I know, peanuts make oil… we better not try that.”

I told her it might make a paste and she might be able to use it for night cream, but we decided on the caramel cheesecake. It had a layer of caramel filling on the bottom that tasted a little ‘imitation’ to us, but the caramel drizzle on top tasted good. They also sprinkled a few Cracker Jack popcorn pieces on the plate (which we left alone). I only wanted a small taste of the cheese cake, but Patsy said, “I don’t care… its cheesecake and you have to finish cheesecake.”

We both liked the place and after we finished our meal we lingered a bit while still catching up. They were kind in letting us do that without giving us the ‘signals’ to hurry the way some places will do.

Ol’ Willie and her pasty friend recommend this place, so be sure to give them a try!


11 a.m.–10 p.m. 

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