Chicken Salad Chick – Whee-ee-chicken!

Sunday, October 5, 2014 - by Willie Mae
Half Virgina ham sandwich with a cup of artichoke soup
Half Virgina ham sandwich with a cup of artichoke soup

When Chicken Salad Chick’s new location came to Lois’s neighborhood in East Brainerd, we wanted to try it out since we had never been to their downtown location. Her husband Phil decided to tag along and when we pulled up he quipped, “This is a chick place!”

There was a long line at the front door and as we waited, we observed the enlarged photos of the Chattanooga area on the wall. They were very nice and I wouldn’t mind having a few of those for my home.

This seemed like a place for healthy deli-style food with many varieties of chicken salad with a southern flair.

They had grape salad, pasta salad and many soups to offer and sides. They even had broccoli salad that was ‘cold’ (instead of heated like that Beast place I went to).

As we shuffled along in line with a paper menu in hand, Lois once again could not make up her mind on what to order. I didn’t try to help out, because we all know how that goes!

She couldn’t decide whether she wanted the turkey sandwich or the Cajun roast beef. I spied a spicy chicken salad sandwich combo called the “Jazzy Julie” which was chicken salad with cayenne pepper, bacon and cheddar on a croissant with chips for $6.99, but I also had to have a side order of that broccoli salad which brought my meal to $8.37.

Phil ordered the Jazzy Julie as well and when the girl at the counter looked at Lois, she became a deer in headlights and was stupefied.

Lois said that she would just take the Virginia ham sandwich, but didn’t specify if she wanted a combo meal so the girl asked her how she wanted it. Lois looked like she was in pain and said she would like soup instead, so the girl suggested the half sandwich with a cup of soup for $6.79.

Things kept getting harder for Lois because she now had to choose what kind of soup. She asked the girl to name what they had and Lois went with the first one she said - the artichoke soup.

She thought her struggle was over, but when the girl asked her “…and what kind of bread would you like?” Lois’ forehead wrinkled a little more than it already was.

She asked the gal what kind of bread they had, but I think that was just to buy her more time to pick one. I didn’t say a word, I just minded my own business. Lois chose sourdough and finally she was all set! Whew!

We helped ourselves at the fountain drink area and by the time we sat our drinks and napkins down at a booth, they called our number for us to retrieve our order.

Phil and I had a combo so we got a cookie with our sandwich and chips. I didn’t know it came with that – I wasn’t planning on eating a cookie, but I guess now I would be forced to …because I was taught not to waste food, you see.

As we sat down with our trays, Lois looked her meal over and then started looking at mine. I knew she would notice the cookie and sure enough she said, “Oh you got dessert?”

That sounded accusatory as if I should have told her I got dessert so she would have too. I told her that I didn’t know my meal came with a cookie and she said, “I wonder why mine didn’t?” Phil rescued me and said, “…because you have that artichoke soup – that looks good!”

He knows how to handle Lois. She looked down at her soup and began eating it. She really liked the soup and couldn’t say it enough! It did look wonderful.

My jazzy croissant was perfect! No overpowering mayo and I loved the soft bread. Lois realized that her bread was too hard. She said it was hard to eat (she should have known that sourdough bread is not for old folk).

Phil’s and my meal also came with a pickle. Y’all know how I am about flimsy pickles on the side, but this one was crisp and was worth eating. I really loved my broccoli salad and was glad I ordered it! I shared a little with Lois because it was a nice portion (and I thought it would make up for the cookie).

I really enjoyed my meal. If I go to a place that makes me want to go back, they usually get a whee-ee-doggie from me and this was one of those places, but on second thought…maybe I should give it a whee-ee-chicken.


Monday - Saturday

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Jazzy Julie combo with chips, a pickle, cookie and a side order of broccoli salad
Jazzy Julie combo with chips, a pickle, cookie and a side order of broccoli salad

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