Slick’s Burgers Cuts The Apron String

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - by Willie Mae
Slick's Sissy Burger and fries
Slick's Sissy Burger and fries

After the paper clip incident at a previous restaurant I visited, I didn’t expect another incident to happen again so soon.

Lois and I went for a burger at a place called “Slick’s Burgers” on Tennessee Avenue near the bottom of Lookout Mountain. When we got inside, she pulled a fast one on me and said, “Order for me – anything… I don’t care,” and she went and sat down leaving me at the counter. Lois is pretty ‘slick’ herself!

The menu was on a board behind the counter and they had a standing board to the side with the daily specials. I wanted the ‘Fig-goat-about-it’ special that had fig chutney and goat cheese, but it said ‘sold out’ on the sign.

There were so many interesting items listed and I saw the ‘Bob Marley’ burger (but there was no telling what ingredients would be in that one) and since I had to order for Lois I chose the first simple one I saw that was perfect for Lois! I ordered the “Sissy” burger combo for $7. It was a four-ounce burger with fries and a drink.

I found Lois in a booth against the wall and sat down. There was also outdoor seating and an enjoyable view of the mountain.

A nice young man brought our burgers out and they were good. Lois had mustard dripping down her hand, but she said she couldn’t put her burger down or it might fall apart so I grabbed a paper towel from the roll on the table and I swiped at her hand.

Just then Lois put her burger down and started pulling something from her mouth. I thought it was a strand of wilted lettuce or something, but it was a long, green string!

I wasn’t sure what to do and since Lois didn't seem to mind and kept eating her burger I thought maybe I should not say a word and mind my own business. But then I thought of that other place I visited that had a paper clip in my egg. People need to be more careful and I wanted the restaurant to be aware so I took the paper towel that had Lois’ string on it to the boy that brought our burgers out. He looked shocked and was very apologetic and told the guys in the back.

Then he came back to our table and asked “Just where was the string?” Lois replied, “It was IN MY MOUTH!”

The boy tried not to let out a laugh when she said that but that didn’t stop me – I always laugh at Lois. “I mean,” he said composed, “where on your burger… was it on top or in the meat? Because we grind our own meat here and….”

That was it! I could see how that might happen if they grind their own meat. It looked like one of those industrial threads perhaps from a meat-cutter's apron that must have gotten caught in the grinder.

The burgers really were good, but I just couldn’t finish mine after that and the boy said they would give us a gift card since we had already paid for our meals.

This place handled the incident much better than that egg place where I found a paperclip in my omelet. I knew I would probably not get to come back again because I visit different places each week, but it is just nice to know that they took this seriously and that they cared about a customer’s return.

Lois finished her burger and she said it was a good burger. We liked this place and it had a good atmosphere. When we got up to leave, the boy came out with a gift card for two burger combos. I handed it to Lois and thought she and Phil will enjoy coming back.

The boy apologized again and Lois jokingly said, “I just kept pulling and pulling and thought I was going to have a jump rope for a minute there.”

I patted her on the back and said, “Well, you needed the fiber anyway, dear.” 

Hours: 11:00-9:00


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