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Monday, December 29, 2014 - by Willie Mae
Five-ounce burger and fries
Five-ounce burger and fries

With the Christmas Holiday ol’ Willie Mae was about ‘foodied out’ and the last thing I wanted to think about was food, so I just grabbed Lou and we kept it simple last week and found a burger joint.

This place was exactly what we needed. Simple, inexpensive and cozy. We drove to Ooltewah and found Kevin Brown’s Burgers on Mahan Gap Road.

Lou did his usual talking so it was hard to gather things for a story. Oh, I like his company alright and I love how smart he is, but he forgets sometimes, that I am trying to be a spy when we go on one of my jaunts.

Lou just ordered a burger without cheese for $4 with a side of fries. I decided on a cheeseburger for a quarter more and onion rings as my side.

They offered small and large combo meals. The small burger was five ounces and that was plenty for me and Lou.

I wondered who ‘Kevin’ was and looked around. Lou said this place was probably family owned but we only saw a lady waitress and a lady at the register and doubted either of their names were Kevin. Lou said that Kevin was probably in the back cooking.

Our waitress brought out our burgers in no time even though it seemed fairly busy and several folks were coming in for to-go orders.

The burgers were simple, but good – like what you’d make at home. My onion rings were perfect and not greasy at all. The crunch wasn’t too crunchy and they breading stayed on.

I couldn’t eat all of my cheeseburger, but Lou ate all of his and said it was a sin not to. I guess he spends quite a bit of time at confession anyway, so I understood him trying to be good and finish everything on his plate.

Lou had this strange look in his eye and kept smiling at me like a crocodile. I didn’t say a word, I just minded my own business.

Then, just before we got up to pay for our meal at the counter Lou tried to give me a smooch! I swatted him away.

I forgot what they call that, but I don’t get on with the ‘public smooching’ stuff. I told him he was as fresh as our burgers and to behave himself. He’ll be in confession quite a while for sure now.

As the gal at the counter took our money, Lou made small talk and found that the restaurant was family owned and Kevin indeed was in the back cooking.

Lou asked if she was his wife and owned it too. She is his wife and she said it was Kevin's place… except on a good day and then it is her place.

After all the holiday busyness, we were glad to find this place and just enjoy a simple burger and their prices were exceptional. I would most definitely recommend this place when you are in the mood for a wholesome, family place and a good burger. But it isn’t a place for smoochin’ – just leave the freshness to Kevin.


Tuesday – Saturday

11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday


Five-ounce cheeseburger and onion rings
Five-ounce cheeseburger and onion rings

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