Shogun – Rules The Roost

Monday, December 8, 2014 - by Willie Mae
Shogun chef prepares Hibachi dinners
Shogun chef prepares Hibachi dinners

Lois and I talked Phil into going out to dinner with us and trying a Japanese place close to them on Gunbarrell Road called Shogun. I have eaten sushi there before, but had never written about it.

A young lady led us to a table quite different than where I sat before and I never knew this part existed. It was one of those tables where they cook in front of you. I really wanted sushi, but I remembered the other place I went to when I got to watch them cook and I got bonked in the face with a fake egg.

I sort of hoped they’d play that trick on Lois.

She was busy looking at her menu and pointed out how many rules they had.

I looked to see what she was talking about and she was right! I think they had a whole page dedicated to just the rules telling that they charge a sitting fee if you don’t eat a meal. I don’t know why anyone would come to a restaurant just to sit and not eat.

I thought maybe if they gave such a show while they cook, people might bring others along just to watch… and not eat. I didn’t say a word, I just minded my own business.

Then the rule book told about special birthday parties. I read to see what made them so special – you get special chop sticks, a decorative pineapple dessert and then it told that you must have six people in the party or else …and if you didn’t, then the birthday person (who has to come ON their birthday or one day after) only gets 20% off their meal instead of it being free. Whew… there were so many rules in the menu, I couldn’t find the entrees!

Lois was still reading all the rules and asked Phil to order for her. She had her glasses, so Phil pointed to the entrees for Lois to find her own choice. Being married for over 50 years, I am sure he knows his wife pretty well to know that she would not like anything he picked.

When the gal came to take our order we still hadn’t decided, so she helped us out by telling us a few things they had and described a ‘really good Hep C sauce’. At least, that’s what I heard her say. I could tell that Phil heard the same thing, because we both looked at each other alarmed and then tried to hold back a laugh.

After she left our area, Phil leaned over and asked, “Did she say Hep C sauce?” I tried not to giggle and I shushed him. We decided to stay away from that sauce just in case.

The gal brought in another family to share the table with us.  I know this is supposed to be fun, but it makes it hard to spy with my camera and taking notes when the waitress isn’t around.

The daddy of the family picked up his cell phone and carried on a loud conversation for our dining entertainment. I wanted to tell him to use his speaker so we could get the whole show – but I didn’t. I just minded my own business.

When the gal came back we gave her our orders. I chose the Red Snapper hibachi for $17.95, Phil ordered the Scallop hibachi dinner for $18.95 and Lois got the Halibut for $17.95. Phil also got the Tuna Tataki sushi as an appetizer for $10.95 (he isn’t as much of a miser around Christmas time).

With our sushi, we really didn’t need the complimentary appetizer they brought. It was just hot water with chives and a mushroom slice. But I wanted my ginger salad because I only ate two pieces of sushi.

The waitress took the order of the family next to us from across the table. I guess it was part of the entertainment. The daddy shouted across that he and his wife wanted beer and his kids would have tea. Then the waitress decided she needed to see his ID and she went over to their side and took the rest of their order.

Their oldest boy was watching me eat my salad which made me nervous and my chop sticks got wobbly. I didn’t drop a bite though. My salad bowl seemed to have suction under it and, when I tried to move it out of the way, I spilled dressing all over the table. I looked to see if that little boy saw me, but it was the daddy of the group who laughed at me!

The youngest son was busy rocking his chair from side to side and I was getting dizzy watching him. I think watching the people is more entertaining than watching the chef.

I thought I’d seen it all and then the daddy picked up his bowl of hot water soup and drank from it. I just minded my own business.

When the waitress brought the family’s meal to the kids, the waitress got it mixed up and Lois tried to help the situation by telling her who got what. Phil shot her a look so she would mind her own business.

Our chef came out and started his jokes, but I could barely hear because the grill fan was so loud. He started breaking eggs and I put my hand up around my face so I wouldn’t be an easy target. I had hoped that he would pick Lois to throw the fake egg on, but he never did that trick. He was doing the basic volcano and a few other tricks for the kids.

Just then, the daddy tipped over his bottle of beer. I wasn’t as rude as he was though and I didn‘t laugh at him, but I did give them the ‘Willie eye’.

I watched the chef prepare Phil’s scallops and said, I wish I had ordered that. The chef must have heard me because he cheated and put a scallop on my plate along with my snapper. I hope the rule makers didn’t see that!

There was a table behind us with another group and, when their chef lit up the grill with a big noisy flame, it scared Lois. I was cold, so I thought it felt good. We all enjoyed our meal, but of course felt we ate too much. I think eating progressively as they cook it makes you get full faster.

It was good to have Phil out with us. I have been thinking how fun it would be to take Lois on a few day trips to explore out of area restaurants or even antique shops and perhaps write a book about our adventures. I am not sure that ol’ Phil would go for that though.

Then I opened my fortune cookie and it read, “May the rainbow always touch your shoulder.”  I looked over at Lois and noticed she was wearing a striped top with many colors. 


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Red Snapper Hibachi
Red Snapper Hibachi

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