Police Blotter: Officers Track Down Snowball Threats

Monday, February 17, 2014

City Police dealt with several snowball issues during the recent storm.

A female reported three black male teens throwing snowballs at vehicles on Dodson Avenue.

Police could not locate the miscreants.

* * *

On Union Avenue, a man called police to report that youths threw snowballs at his vehicle.

When police arrived, most of the suspects had vanished.

However, one possible older suspect advised that it had been a friendly snowball fight and the passing vehicle was inadvertently hit.

* * *

A man told police a white vehicle sped by him on 35th Street. When it got to the end of the street, he heard three shots.

Police spoke to a female at the corner of 35th and Hughes who said she saw a black Pontiac drive by. She said a medium-complexioned black man fired several shots.

* * *

At the Midnight Oil on Bonny Oaks Drive, a clerk said a black male about 5'9" asked for five $20 Win for Life lottery tickets.

While the female clerk was getting ready to ring up the sale, he ran out with the tickets.

 The clerk started after him, but hit her foot on a figurine that he had knocked off the counter.

She went on outside and the thief told her that if she did not go back inside, he would kill her.

Police said one of the tickets was turned in at the Exxon across the street for $20.

* * *

On Shawhan Terrace, police assisted the fire department to check on a resident.

A caller said they had been unable to reach her and were concerned.

After forcing their way in, the fire and police found the woman lying at the bottom of stairs with multiple facial injuries. She was taken to Erlanger Hospital.

* * *

A man told police he went to Walmart on Signal Mountain Boulevard. He was approached by a man who said he was with AFC Services and was selling magazines to raise money for a children's hospital.

He said he was selling the magazines across the country.

The man agreed to pay $65 cash. He was given a receipt.

When the man told his wife about the incident, she said it was a scam. She looked it up on the Internet.

The man said he had also given his personal information to the "salesman."

* * *

Loss prevention control officers spotted a white male and a white female concealing items inside the Kmart on Highway 153.

The woman did not leave with her items, but the man did.

He was followed to his black Ford Ranger by a loss control specialist, who saw him toss stolen merchandise in the back seat.

When he confronted the thief, the man came out with a knife. He then got back into the truck and took off.

The license tag was traced to a man in Cleveland, Tn., who drives a black Ford Ranger.

* * *

Keyundria Thompson said she was with her boyfriend, Timothy Moore, at room 118 of the La Quinta Inn on Shallowford Road.

She said she was sitting at the desk and he was sitting on the bed. She said she turned and saw him throw down her wallet.

Then she said a girl named Ashley knocked on the door saying she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend.

She said Moore left with Ashley, saying he was "going to calm her down."

Ms. Thompson said she looked in her wallet and found six $100 bills missing.


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