Ron Parson Is The Best Candidate For Circuit Court Clerk - And Response

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ron Parson is, without a doubt, the best candidate for Circuit Court Clerk. Ron Parson has been serving the citizens of Hamilton County for more than 40 years as a high ranking law enforcement official. During his time working for the citizens of Hamilton County, he has gone above and beyond to assist those in need.  

Parson understands that being available to the hear the voice of the people is of utmost importance, and is well known for making sure that that he makes time to address the needs of those living in this great county. Ron Parson is renowned for his community service and charitable works. Be it toys for children at Christmas time or simply food for dinner, Parson has a personal mission to assist those in need provide for their families.  

Parson has a long standing reputation of being a force for the people in Hamilton County, helping the homeless population find shelter and safety during dangerously cold weather, and providing much needed relief in the wake of the 2011 and 2012 tornadoes that left many citizens without clean water or power. During this trying time, Parson spent countless hours searching for lost family members and distributing much needed supplies to those whose lives were devastated from these horrible  storms.  

Mr. Parson is the only candidate who has demonstrated such a long standing commitment to serving the real needs of Hamilton County citizens, and it is because of this compassion, understanding, and ability to stand up for what is right and fair, that Ron Parson is the only logical choice for Circuit Court Clerk.

Janet Fritz 

* * * 

Dear Ms. Janet Fritz, 

Is this the same Ron Parson who cheated to attain a certificate that the rest of us earned? And, then lied about it? 

Is this the same Ron Parson who took taxpayer dollars as a reward for cheating and maintaining his law enforcement officer certification? And, then lied about it? 

Is this the same Ron Parson who was demoted for abusing those who served under him? And, then lied about it? 

Is this the same Ron Parson who told employees of the HCSO that lawfully expressing their opinion (under First Amendment) would not be tolerated by him, or Sheriff Hammond? And, then lied about it? 

Is this the same Ron Parson who bilked the taxpayers of Hamilton County out of thousands of dollars of unearned overtime? 

Is this the same Ron Parson who has been protected, and sheltered, by Sheriff Hammond since Sheriff Hammond has taken office? 

That Ron Parson, Ms. Fritz? 

Ron Parson has a longstanding reputation, alright, but it is not as you, Ms. Fritz, claim in your instant letter to the editor. 

You must not know him as well as we do. 

Mark Kimsey
Soddy Daisy

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