Comcast Buying Time Warner Cable Is A Horrible Idea

Friday, February 21, 2014

Even though only Comcast is available in Chattanooga, this merger is still not good for Tennessee. Comcast will provide service to over one-third of everyone in the country who has cable TV. This merger is not okay. It's a monopoly.

And, even worse, no one likes their Comcast service. Comcast is bad enough as it is, and if the company buys Time Warner Cable, it will only get worse.  Here in Chattanooga, Comcast has only a 1.8/5 star rating, and the Google reviews are terrible. You can't get in touch with anyone and you're always on hold. 

A merger between the two cable companies will make TV and internet even worse here. I've been looking at satellite information to find a way to get rid of Comcast for good. Consumers must all look for an alternative to Comcast or do all they can to stop the merger.  

There's even a petition urging the FCC to stop Comcast from merging with Time Warner Cable. Sign the petition to help end this merger before it even happens. If not, Comcast will really take over the cable industry, spreading its terrible service to more people. 

Kamden Hills

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