COS Business Products And Interiors Recognized As National Sales Volume Leader

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

COS Business Products & Interiors (COS) was named the Dealer of the Year in the United States for the 2013 calendar year by Office Furniture USA.

Officials said, "As a long-time top member in the Office Furniture USA program, it comes as no surprise that COS was awarded top honors for leading the country in sales volume for 2013."

“We are honored to be recognized for this accomplishment,” said Skip Ireland, president and CEO of COS Business products & Interiors. “OFUSA provides a great opportunity for us to better serve our commercial office furniture customers. This award is a testament to the strength of this program, the professionalism of our people and the quality of our furniture solutions.”

Office Furniture USA recognized COS at their annual awards ceremony in New Orleans. “We continue to recognize the best, most successful dealerships in the U.S.,” said Janet Bullard, president of Office Furniture USA. “COS has been an outstanding and valuable partner in our program since it’s inception. They are an example for the rest of the country.”

An Office Furniture USA dealer since 1992, COS Business Products & Interiors is a 73-year-old dealership that has a 6,000 square-foot showroom and 48,000-square-foot distribution center headquartered in Chattanooga.

Attorney Owen Maddux Reinstated

The Supreme Court of Tennessee has reinstated H. Owen Maddux to the practice of law. Mr. Maddux had been suspended by the Supreme Court of Tennessee on Aug. 9, 2013, for a period of nine months.  Mr. Maddux filed a Petition for Reinstatement to the practice of law pursuant to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 30.4(c) (2014). The Board found that the Petition was ... (click for more)

Corker Asks Colleagues To "Oppose Blatant Budget Gimmick Proposal To Fund Highway Trust Fund"

In remarks on the U.S. Senate floor Monday, Senator Bob Corker said senators should reject using a budget gimmick known as pension smoothing to pay for a short-term extension of the Highway Trust Fund and instead commit to a long-term, sustainable solution to highway funding. “Many claim that budget gimmicks should not be used as offsets to pay for spending," said Senator Corker. ... (click for more)

DA Looking Into Issue Of County Commission Candidate's Campaign Sending Filled-Out Request For Absentee Ballot To Elderly Voters

The District Attorney's Office has been provided with documents that a County Commission candidate's campaign sent filled-out requests for absentee ballots to elderly voters. Kerry Steelman, election administrator, said there have been four instances in which such requests came from the Elect John Brooks campaign. He said state law says in Section 2-6-202:  (3) A person ... (click for more)

Graham Says County School-City Lawsuit Settlement "Stinks," But County Commission Approves It

The County Commission on Wednesday approved a settlement of a lawsuit brought by the Hamilton County Schools against the city of Chattanooga, though several commissioners said they were not happy with the deal and Commissioner Joe Graham said it "stinks." Commissioner Graham was the lone no vote. He was joined by Commissioner Tim Boyd in a failed effort to defer it a week. ... (click for more)

The Truth- From Weston’s Sister

I try not to read the negative articles and opinions about my older brother. Growing up around politics, I learned a long time ago that thick skin is not only necessary, it’s paramount. But this time, the lies and the rumors and the inaccurate information has gone too far. It’s too ridiculous for me to ignore. So let’s clear a few things up: Weston and I do not “come ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: Oscar Brock’s True Passion

I don’t pay much attention to the Hamilton County School Board. Once the moon and the stars aligned behind Superintendent Rick Smith, you hear very little, if anything, from the nine-member council that oversees an annual budget of almost $400 million and employs 4,480 people. So chew this for a minute: approximately 2,000 of those people are not teachers. Yes, there are 78 principals ... (click for more)