Music At St. Paul’s Artist Series Concert Is Feb. 16

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Six works of art are the inspiration behind a musical composition that has its Chattanooga premiere on Sunday, Feb. 16. Scenes from a Gallery, by American composer Craig Phillips, is a suite for flute, violin and organ — based on five paintings and one sculpture. The work will be performed at a concert scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 16, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 305 West Seventh at Pine Street in Downtown Chattanooga.

“I chose the works of art that seemed to speak to me and that I felt would create a well-rounded piece,” Mr. Phillips said. “I studied each piece and gathered an impression that I then turned into sound. It’s my interpretation of what the artist was getting at.”

The composition has six movements, each one based on a particular work of art: 

I. “First Chakra Light,” based on a painting by Barbara W. Lines;
II. “Calculated Risk,” based on a sculpture by Michael Westmoreland;
III. “Never Alone,” based on a painting by Dianna Price;
IV. “Muse,” based on a painting by Deborah Houston;
V. “Mathematical Equation for Grace,” based on a painting by Jena Rawley Taylor;
VI. “Breaking Loose,” based on a painting by Karen Wolfram. 

“The six movements vary quite a bit in terms of texture, mood and style, but I think they also meld quite well into a cohesive and engaging work,” Mr. Phillips said. “I hope the overall effect would be as if the listener were walking through an art gallery.”

The concert will feature St. Paul’s Director of Music, Keith S. Reas, on organ and harpsichord, Sheri Peck on violin and Janet Hale on flute. Additional works by Telemann, Buxtehude, Henk Badings, Gerald Near and others. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students. A reception follows in Key-Andrews Hall.

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