How A Community Of Professionals Pulled Together At Barger - And Response

Monday, March 10, 2014

On Friday a good kid made a bad decision.  Because of the day’s events I was given the opportunity to witness how a community of professionals can pull together for the safety of our students.

The city requires two fire drills a month for schools within its limits and I am thankful that the students and faculty worked efficiently as the alarm sounded. I need to praise the faculty and staff for how quickly they moved the students to safety.  I also must commend the central office staff for communicating with the parents and being present on the scene to assist immediately after the crisis began.  Even food service had a plan in place before the smoke cleared.

The first responders on the scene did an amazing job getting to the source of the fire and clearing out the smoke.  The firefighters that remained after any threat had passed, spoke with the students as they entered the building encouraging them and listening to their stories.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve alongside such a great group of people daily. I tell the students and teachers “Be great because, you are great!” On Friday they had the opportunity to show the world their greatness and they did. 

Public Servant
Greg Bagby
Barger Academy of Fine Arts 

* * * 

As a former 6-year Barger parent, I was alarmed to read about the fire at Barger Academy last week, and very happy and relieved to hear no one was injured.  I was also reminded of just how wonderful the teachers and staff of Barger are while reading Mr. Bagby's letter entitled "How A Community Of Professionals Pulled Together At Barger" today.  The first sentence demonstrates his dedication to every student who walks through those doors.  His encouraging words to everyone involved in the safety of each person within the school when the emergency occurred further reiterates why he makes such a wonderful principal. 

I would like to thank you, Mr. Bagby, for everything you do to make Barger Academy a great school for all of your students, teachers, faculty, staff, and their families.  Too often the little things that make such big differences are overlooked, and I am grateful to know your leadership provides an exceptional example to everyone at Barger.  

Beth Draco

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