Ted Wells: Chattanooga Fishing Report

Monday, March 17, 2014 - by Ted Wells
Fishing on March 9
Fishing on March 9
- photo by Ted Wells

It has been a tumultuous time since I last fished.  Not a bad time, but tumultuous (and I trust some of you can look that word up).  The most fun thing I can think of is a certain unnamed relative of mine named after the current Queen and her grandmother HRH Queen Victoria, has joined us in our home for a short time as she seeks her fortune.  We are glad she has come and are enjoying all of the strange things young people do.  Tumultuous indeed.  She is hilarious, and when she finds out I wrote about her there will be more tumult.
In light of this I considered myself quite fortunate and privileged to be able to take an entire day to actually fish last week.  My wife is the most patient and understanding goddess in the world for letting me go out on the river.
I did not get out early, as I was just getting over working the night before, and after all, I had to get ready to get ready to go.  I charged the battery early in the morning, and after seeing the reading of 100%, I knew with confidence that I had about eight hours of silent propulsion at the ready.  Considering I had not gone out in the boat for a while I did pretty good.  The only thing I really forgot was the tiller extension, but not a big deal since I put in about 100 yards away from my spot, just below Raccoon Mountain, (we live there now on the top since we are old enough). 
I had no difficulty at all launching the weirdly shaped little craft, and though the wind was fairly fierce, the boat remained stable and I felt relatively safe the entire five or so hours I was out there in water that was so cold I doubt I could have made it to the dock swimming.
When I had a boat before, which was a gas powered small outboard, I remember silently saying to myself "FREEDOM," every time I left land.  This day was no different, just with the electric motor, I just smiled a lot.
I motored out to the spot I found around 2001, dropped the anchor, and got into the cheese curls.   I put a large serving of chicken livers on the stainless steel treble hook and just sat there, marveling at how I am the luckiest guy in the world in the most beautiful place in the world.
It didn't take long.  The rod bent as advertised, and I laughed and said to myself, "well it is good to be back!"
That happened four times.
I had trouble getting the boat back on the trailer, and I think I will move the towing eye (or just add another) for that reason.  I did fall on the ramp but my wounds are healing nicely.
The boat I was on is my first boat building project, and therefore while sound, it looks weird.  My second boat (and probably the last) is now taking shape slowly.  I am trying to do more measuring and less cutting.  For that reason I have been reluctant to get rid of the first boat until the second is built.
Bulkhead #2 of 8 was done tonight.  I am making real sure the outside perimeter is exact.  The design is from New Zealand, so everything is metric, and our lumber comes different than theirs does, but I think as long as I am real careful to make sure the outer perimeter is sound, it will work out I think.  Every time I get a part of the boat ready, it is kind of cool to see it take its place in the formation of the skeleton of the boat.
For me, there is nothing better than being on a boat in the water.  Being on one I built (even though it has a weird shape) is quite satisfying.
Until the next adventure,

Tight Lines.

Ted R. Wells


Boat bulkhead
Boat bulkhead
- Photo2 by Ted Wells

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