Dilating Nexus Bring Non-Conventional Arts Events To Area

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Dilating Nexus (shakingray.com/nexus/) is a monthly series of non-conventional events and ritualized social experiments housed in a variety of “total environments” throughout Chattanooga. The five-month series aims to stimulate rarefied and esoteric actions within the region, while honoring and highlighting what is already in existence. Each of the five events is presented as a challenge to inspire marginalized performers and artists from any discipline, pushing them into unforeseen situations and inspiring them to respond in creative, resourceful, and spontaneous ways, said officials.

Typically, festivals present professional or esteemed artists who are expected to represent their individual skills, but for the Dilating Nexus series, the emphasis is less on the individual and more on the collective. Furthermore, by approaching each event in a non-hierarchical manner, both experienced and emerging artists are presented on equal footing, forming new and unexpected collaborations, with a mixture of local and national performers.

Here is the lineup of events and reviews:

An Evening with Tapes - April 26, Artifact Gallery, 1080 Duncan Ave, teamartifact.com 
A magnetic night of chance exclusively utilizing tape as instrument, featuring a mixtape exchange (bring/take a mix) and unlikely duos, trios, and quartets presenting musical, visual, and performative sets using tape: reel-to-reel, audio cassette, video, adhesive, 4-track, etc.  

Lupton City Snake Show - May 31, Barking Legs Theater, 1307 Dodds Ave, barkinglegs.org  
A mercerized variety show that beams the limelight on esoteric expressions and hidden histories as imparted by raconteurs, mythologists, comedians, visionaries, musicians, folklorists, hawkers, barkers, and Holy Fools.

Random Gear Festival - June date and location TBA 
The Random Gear Festival, curated by Ren Schofield, is a conceptual celebration of the excitement and spontaneity of avant sound in which performers are randomly assigned an assortment of non-traditional instruments and objects (not necessarily of any musical nature) and expected to improvise live. The results of this process will likely be varied, confounding, and questionable. Nothing will be proven.

Breathing Artifacts -July 19, Barking Legs Theater, 1307 Dodds Ave, barkinglegs.org
World premiere of videos, films, and live scores by choice directors, actors, cinematographers,  and editors, featuring unpredictable narratives and abstractions rich in rhythm, color, humor, gesture, content, and texture.

Soul in a Box - Aug. 30, Mark Making, 2510 N. Chamberlain Ave. 
A festival dedicated to the late Chattanooga artist, musician, storyteller, improviser, educator, and icon Dennis J. Palmer (of the Shaking Ray Levis). Participants will utilize one or more of Palmer’s unreleased “samples” as the sonic source material for their performances. Visual artists will create works that are inspired by and/or make use of Palmer’s unique visual world.

Strung Like A Horse's Midnight Show At JJ's Bohemia

Strung Like A Horse throws down a performance at JJ's Bohemia as some considered it their 4th anniversary. JJ’s was the primary venue where SLAH launched into Chattanooga's "Live" Music Scene. SLAH, features Ms Lacy Jo, dancer with Zanzibar Studio. SLAH members; BJ Hightower, vocal, bassist   Clay Maselle, vocal, guitar Mark Fiddler, vocal fiddle, ... (click for more)

Tahere To Perform At Lee Tuesday

David Tahere, baritone, will perform a recital on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Squires Recital Hall, located in the Humanities Center on Lee’s campus.  The evening’s performance will center on music of America and feature works by Virgil Thomson and Aaron Copeland. Mr. Tahere will be accompanied by Susan Hadden. A Lee alum and a native of Davenport, Iowa, Mr. Tahere’s ... (click for more)

Greg Beck Asking County Commission Chairmanship; Others Seeking Post Behind The Scenes

Long time County Commissioner Greg Beck is seeking the chairmanship of the Hamilton County Commission, he said. Several other commissioners are working behind the scenes to try to get the top commission post. The job opened up after the unexpected defeat of Commission Chairman Fred Skillern in the August primary election. Larry Henry, who has held the chairmanship several ... (click for more)

1 Dies, 4 Injured In 2-Vehicle Crash At Soddy Daisy

One person has died in a wreck Sunday at Soddy Daisy in which four other people were injured. The wreck happened at 12:35 p.m. when a vehicle traveling north struck another vehicle that was pulling onto the highway. A small red truck was badly damaged in the crash. It happened at 12130 Dayton Pike near Tavern Sports Bar and Grille. One person was airlifted, while the ... (click for more)

Decimating The Chattanooga Public Library

Corinne Hill claims that the library is just undergoing a normal weeding process for eliminating books.  She has bragged that she's responsible for the elimination of over 100,000 books - with more to go. "Normal" weeding is not rampant throwing away.  Yes, books go to the Friends for their sale - where they get $2 for a $75 book and thousands wind up being recycled ... (click for more)

The Many Lessons I Learned From Helen McDonald Exum

Helen McDonald Exum was my friend and mentor. As I think of her passing I can only imagine the celebration that is happening in heaven as the news of her arrival is being told. I am sure that there is a party that not only has she organized but that there is not a detail that has been left to chance. I am sure that it is the grandest of events, for you see, she has been planing ... (click for more)