Bayside Baptist PrayZchoir Presents Tug Of War April 27

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bayside Baptist Church, on Highway 58 in Harrison, will be presenting their annual student musical, Tug of War, on Sunday, April 27, at 6 p.m. Admission is free and all are welcome.   

The PrayZchoir consists of students ranging from sixth to twelfth grades and comprises approximately 30 students. The PrayZchoir will be joined this year by the adult choir from Bayside as well as members from the choir at nearby Mt. Canaan Church.  

The PrayZchoir is under the direction of Chris Coats, a graduate of Tennessee Temple and missions pastor and orchestra director at Bayside. While the annual student musical has been a tradition at Bayside for many years, this will be the eighth year under Mr. Coats’ direction.

Over the last eight years, Mr. Coats, with the assistance of theatrical director, Loretta Dickson, have incorporated many other aspects of traditional theatre into the productions to present a multi-media spectacle that includes interpretive movement, sign language, choreography and gymnastics as well as making use of Bayside’s media equipment.  Tug of War features live action intermingled with recorded video for an experience that will transport its audience between the realms of physical and spiritual in a way that is rarely done, said officials.

Tug of War features an original storyline by Dickson and music from Chris Tomlin’s Burning Lights CD, specifically arranged for student voices.

Review for Tug of War:

Have you ever felt as if you were the “rope” in some invisible game of tug of war, pulled this way and that by wanting to belong and yet wanting to remain an individual? Have you ever felt uncertain, unloved, unnoticed, unnecessary? Have you ever wondered if there was anything out there that mattered? What if you never existed or simply ceased to exist? Would the world continue to turn? Would your friends continue to live out their daily lives without you? Would they even notice you were gone? 

Have you ever heard of “forces unseen” that fight over our very lives in some “other” realm that we cannot see? What if they were real? What if they could talk to us? What would they tell us and how far would they go to achieve their goals, regardless of our own wishes? How far would the forces of darkness reach to keep a searching soul from finding the truth? How far would the forces of light reach to keep a searching soul from falling into darkness? 

Join these students and a young girl named Sam as they take a fantastical journey through the realm of what could be and learn about the name above every name and how he overcame darkness to bring her into light.

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