Chattanooga FC Launches Women’s Team

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chattanooga is getting a new premier level women’s soccer team. Chattanooga FC announced the upcoming season for the Chattanooga FC Women’s team, set to kickoff at home on Sunday, May 18, at Finley Stadium. 

Officials said, "The squad of 30 young women has been set, featuring a mix of local and international players. Youth, talent and experience define the team, with players in high school and college, along with college graduates. Coached by Chattanooga's Patrick Winecoff, training for the season is now in full swing." 

"Be sure to come support the Chattanooga FC Women, as they begin their first season in the WPSL! It is sure to be exciting, and great news for the city and soccer community as a whole. Keep an eye out for more team news and updates, and come see the team in action this Saturday, April 19th, in a scrimmage versus Carson Newman College, 3 p.m. at Finley."

As part of the Women’s Premier League Soccer (WPSL), the team will have a 10-game season against 5 other teams in the Southeast region — Alabama F.C., Georgia Revolution, Knoxville Lady Force, FC Academy Nashville and Mississippi Fuego FC. The Southeast Conference Tournament from July 11-13 marks the end of the regular season, and will determine a conference champion. The conference champion will then continue to the League Championship tournament.


May 18 · Home vs Mississippi Fuego FC · 1:00 pm

May 24 · Home vs FC Academy Nashville · 6:30 pm

May 31 · Away at Knoxville Lady Force · 5:00 pm

June 6 · Away at Alabama F.C · 7:30 pm CST

June 7 · Home vs Georgia Revolution · 7:30 pm

June 13 · Home vs Alabama F.C · 7:30 pm

June 15 · Away at Georgia Revolution · 3:00 pm

June 21 · Home vs Knoxville Lady Force · 5:00 pm

June 28 · Away at Mississippi Fuego FC · 7:00 pm CST

July 5 · Away at FC Academy Nashville · 6:00 pm CST

*WPSL Southeast Conf Playoffs July 11-13 TBD*

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