Police Blotter: Thief Does $8,200 In Damage At Cell Tower To Get $300 In Copper: Patten Towers Resident Calls EMS 26 Times In 6 Weeks

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Travis Gladden
Travis Gladden

Police said a thief did a large amount of damage at a cell tower on Old Cleveland Pike - all to get $300 in copper.

Allen Ridgeway of AT&T said someone parked on the interstate highway and then cut the fence at the tower as well as severing the ground wiring.

The damage inside the cell tower was put at $8,000, and to the fence was $200.

* * *

Management at Sky Zoo on Lee Highway said Travis Gladden ran up a tab of $71 and refused to pay.

After police arrived, the customer asked for a receipt.

Afterward, an officer asked him four times if he was going to pay.

Finally, he was taken away to the county jail on a charge of theft of services.

* * *

At Electric Motor Sales on Central Avenue, Allen Babb told police that someone damaged the front door.

They entered and broke into the gumball machine provided by the Kiwanis Club to steal some quarters and dimes.

* * *

EMS answered still another call to a man living at Patten Towers on 11th Street. Police were told it was the fourth time in 18 hours.

Each time there was no need for emergency care. A doctor checked him out and sent him home.

There had been 26 calls in the past month and a half.

The man said his back hurts and he wants to go to the hospital.

Police told him he needs to get private transportation for his back treatment. He was cited for making a false alarm.

* * *

At Ankar's on Highway 58, two black male teens asked a waitress for water. She said it would be 25 cents.

One left and the other grabbed the tip jar and ran out.

Several employees chased them to a liquor store next door, where they got into a gray four-door sedan and sped away.

* * *

Deborah Orr of W. 13th Street Court wanted action against her son-in-law.

She said he had been calling her "all sorts of b-----s and hoes."


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