Johnson Twins Commit To Covenant Softball

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Twin sisters, Jami and Joni Johnson, seniors at Glenmora High School (La.) have committed to attend Covenant College.

By accepting the enrollment offer, both Johnson sisters have expressed their intent to become full-time students and play softball for the Lady Scots and head coach Sara Russell beginning in the fall of 2014.

Jami's defensive role for the Lady Wildcats and head coach Mike McCann is at shortstop while sister, Joni's is behind the plate. The sisters are Glenmora's source behind a 16-6 season (2013) and a ranking of fifth in the LHSAA's 2014 Unofficial Class B Power Rankings.

As juniors, Jami and Joni batted .500 and .452, respectively, while this season Jami's leadoff batting average is .571 with a .650 on-base percentage. Joni, batting middle of the lineup, has a .533 average with a .570 on-base percentage so far this year. Both players received All-District and All-Cenla team honorable mentions last year. Coach McCann was reported as saying, "their biggest strengths are their ability to get on base and their work ethic."

The Johnson's also played travel ball with the Louisiana Beast and head coach Richie Moore. Jami's travel team defensive position was middle infield. Joni's defensive job covered catching and pitching, first and third base, and some outfield.

Jami was quoted in reference to her sister, "an outstanding catcher with a big arm that makes it tough for opponents to steal bases." Speaking about her sister, Joni has said, "she is a natural leader, always has her head up, making plays and encouraging everyone."

The Johnson sisters work ethic and dedication doesn't end on the softball diamond. Their academic prowess is exhibited by both ladies earning a 4.2 GPA in the classroom.

Jami says why she chose Covenant, "I felt Covenant College was the right fit for me not only to further my education, but also to grow closer to Christ while doing so." Sister, Joni, chose Covenant because, "of the Christian based education I will be receiving. I am looking forward to being a part of the Christian atmosphere." 

Jami added, "I chose Covenant Softball because I needed an atmosphere in which the people realize that Christ comes before everything, including softball. The coaches and players are genuine in their Christian walks and I feel being around them will help me not only grow as a player, but also as a person." 

"Growing up, it has always been my dream to play college softball, and I think Covenant is the perfect place for me to fulfill this dream. My decision to play Covenant softball, however, was determined by realizing the coaches and players are going to be the Godly influences I need in my life," said Joni on her decision to play for Russell and the Lady Scots.

Jami plans to major in Mathematics and minor in Education, while Joni plans to major in Elementary Education at Covenant.

Russell, along with the team and her coaching staff, are excited to have Jami and Joni Johnson join the Lady Scots in 2014.

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