Chattanooga’s Live Music Scene – Corey Smith, WannaBeatles, Family Stone & More Added To Riverbend Line-up

Friday, April 25, 2014 - by Bob Payne

The Family Stone |  Unum Stage  |  June 11 @ 9:30

Original founding members, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and R&B Pioneer Award Winners Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson, and Greg Errico bring you the hits of Sly & The Family Stone.  The Family Stone will bring the message of peace, love, and social consciousness through musical harmony with some of the funkiest players of all time.  They'll include hits like - "I Want to Take You Higher", "Everyday People", and "Dance To The Music", "Hot Fun In The Summertime", "Family Affair", "Sing a Simple Song."

Corey Smith |  Bud Light Stage  |  June 13 @ 7:15pm

Corey Smith has amassed an unfailingly devout fan base, not only in his native Southeast region, but all around the nation, simply by telling it the way it is. He has released seven studio albums-including 2011's Top 20 release The Broken Record-all written and produced by Smith himself. H is concerts, documented on last year's live release, Live in Chattanooga, regularly sell out, with audiences singing along to such fan favorites as the coming-of-age anthem "Twenty-One," the nostalgic time warp "If I Could Do It Again" and the group hug "I Love Everyone."

WannaBeatles  |  Unum Stage  |  June 8 @ 9:30pm

It's a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles American invasion with the Grammy Award winning WannaBeatles!  Consisting of two-time Grammy winner Dennis Scott, Bryan Cumming, David Toledo, and Nathan Burbank, the WannaBeatles will bring the Fab Four to life. The WannaBeatles were nominated for a Grammy in 2012 for their work on Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond. The WannaBeatles produced the album for the fans and about the fans of the Beatles. The album was narrated by George Harrison's sister and features guest appearances by Janis Ian, Billy Swan, and more.

The WannaBeatles are featured in this video -

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires  |  TVFCU Stage  |  June 6 @ 9:15pm

This is an Alabama-based rock band whose music is informed by the swagger of classic Southern rock, the energy and attitude of punk, the intelligence and personal lyrical stance of indie rock, and the deep grooves of R&B.

The Weeks  |  Bud Light Stage  |   Sat. June 14 @ 7:15pm 

The Weeks are an Indi Rock band from Jackson, Mississippi. Like the dust filled hoof beats of a thousand wild horses, they layer sound like musket fire, their melodies bend and twist like train-tracks. A music shaped from the calloused hands and wrinkled faces of their fathers. 

Rahsaan Barber & Everyday Magic  |  TVFCU Stage  |  June 12 @7:45

Hailing from Nashville, the Country Music Capital of the world, doesn't deter Rahsaan Barber from recording and playing original jazz in his four-piece band Everyday Magic. One of only 4 Americans to compete in the World Saxaphone Competition at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Barber is known throughout the music world as a master jazz arranger and producer.

Cody McCarver  |  Bud Light Stage  |  June 10 @ 7:45pm

One may think Cody McCarver will be at Riverbend to promote a new movie he would star in or a new country album, but there's another side to the former Confederate Railroad veteran gospel music. On April the 19th 2013, Cody received a phone call from the Tennessee State Prison where his father was incarcerated. Suddenly and unexpectedly his father had passed away. Cody states, "After fifteen years of visiting my father and fighting for his freedom, I never dreamed that this chapter of his story would end this way. I had prayed many times for God to help me free my Dad. When I received the phone call that my father had passed away, I viewed my endless prayers as going unanswered. When I woke up the following morning, God put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, I answered your prayer, what more do you want? He had truly set my Daddy free." Cody immediately put pen to paper and wrote the title track from his new gospel CD "The Lord's Will", taken from Luke 22:42, "not my will however, but your will be done". Cody states, "The first two lines of the song say it all, "If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans, you don't write the script you're in his hands".   The new full length gospel CD from Cody McCarver, 'The Lord's Will', features six brand new songs written by Cody and four standards done in pure Cody fashion. 

Bob Payne grew up in Chattanooga and graduated from Baylor School. He is the Entertainment Editor for the and assistant talent buyer for Friends Of The Festival.

Email Bob Payne at or catch him on Facebook at

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