TNARVC Announces 2015 Marketing Partner

Friday, May 09, 2014

The Tennessee Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (TNARVC) announced a new strategic partnership for 2015 with Southeast Publications, the largest provider of Guest Guides for RV properties in the United States and Canada. In this partnership, Southeast Publications will bring its marketing and sales expertise to assist TNARVC with its membership recruitment, sales and marketing of its annual Tennessee RV/Camping Guide.

“In 2013, Southeast Publications enabled California ARVC to greatly improve their efforts in that State,” said TN ARVC Executive Director Rob Halcrow.  “Our board of directors believes that with the Southeast Publications sales force in the field, our message will now be carried to more parks, increasing our reach and sales to new members throughout the Volunteer State. TNARVC is excited to enter into this partnership with Southeast Publications for 2015.”

TNARVC will produce 50,000 copies of its Tennessee RV/Camping Guide which will be distributed across the State.

“Our legacy at Southeast Publications’ has been the industry leader in producing the millions of Guest Guides each year for over 1,400 RV properties across North America,” said Southeast Publications CEO Wally Warrick. “We are so honored to be a partner with TNARVC for their 2015 Guide.  To accomplish the goals we have set, our talented Associates in the field will help TNARVC reach more RV properties across the Volunteer State,” Mr. Warrick added.  And he noted that they are bringing some of the best Southeast Publications has to offer. “Our top associates of the year, Roxanne and Sam Waugh, are Tennessee residents and very excited to be part of our TNARVC Team,” said Mr. Warrick.

Other members of the 2015 TNARVC Team include Southeast Publications Associates Michael Faelin, Ed and Teresa Herbert, all residents of the Volunteer State.

TVRM’s Historic Steam Locomotive #4501 Is Ready For Tennessee Valley Railfest

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1 Dies, 4 Injured In 2-Vehicle Crash At Soddy Daisy

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Decimating The Chattanooga Public Library

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