Rhonda Thurman's Lack Of Respect - And Response (7)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

     I truly believe that Rhonda doesn't try to offend people with her remarks; it just comes natural to her. I for one will be glad to see her ship sail. She has been a terrible representative of District 1 schools since she was first elected. It shutter to imagine her as a County Commissioner.

     We get it, Rhonda, we really do. It was clearly apparent after the election that you and Fred had a deal worked out. Too bad for the voters that they weren't in on the deal I guess. I applaud your drive and determination in your "Let me help you spell my name campaign." I only wish that you had this much enthusiasm educating the students in District 1.

     Maybe if Rhonda wasn't getting deliberately left out of discussions Soddy Daisy High School wouldn't have several issues. I've even heard stories about a student falling through the floor at Sale Creek. It's pretty disheartening to know that her district misses out on most programs. Take a look at all of the recent activity as close as District 3.

     When Rhonda first commented on the Chattanoogan about her write in campaign she had mentioned money she was expecting from Fred's discretionary fund. News flash, Rhonda... The County Commission gives the school board money, it's your job to allocate those funds. If you think a project needs funded, fight for it. It's your job.

    I can't help but think back 11 years and I know that it sounds like ancient history. Wasn't it just a slap in the face for her to even insinuate that her 27 years as a hairdresser somehow tops a degree from an accredited university? As if those tens of thousands of dollars students are in debt is a joke.

James Berry

* * *

It disturbs me that Rhonda Thurman has been the victim of some negative campaign ads accusing her of things that I know are just untrue.  The latest accusation is that Mrs. Thurman has allowed Sale Creek’s portables to get so deplorable that a student fell through the floor.  I can assure you this did not happen.  Also, Mrs. Thurman is only one of nine board members, and she has never failed to advocate for the schools in her district. 

I strongly urge you to support Mrs. Thurman and her fearless approach to standing up for what’s right, or at least, contact the schools in question to get the real truth.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Tina Davidson
Sale Creek

* * *

I am so glad Mr. Berry "gets it", I really am. I am just not sure what he "gets". Is he saying it was apparent that I had a deal worked out with Fred to run as a write-in? Seriously? Fred tried to talk me out of a write-in campaign because he said it was too hard to do. No, there was not a deal made with anyone. I don't do "deals". I decided to run as a write-in to keep someone else, who also signed up as a write-in and voted to raise taxes three of the last four years on the Soddy-Daisy Commission, from representing District 1 on the Hamilton County Commission. We all know who that other person was even though he dropped out of the race two days later.
I really wish Mr. Berry had been more detailed in his assertion that my "deliberately getting left out of discussions" caused Soddy Daisy High to have several "issues". What discussions have I been left out of? Of what "issues" is he speaking?  Mr. Berry needs to be aware that I talk to the administrators at SD High on a regular basis. I talked to them twice last week and I was never told about any "issues". Mr. Berry also needs to know that  if there are any discussions going on, I am usually in the middle of them and I have  never been shy about speaking out for the schools in District 1. I will be glad to provide references if necessary.
As far as a Sale Creek student falling through the floor, I think Tina Davidson did a good job answering that allegation. If you need further clarification, you can call her husband, Tobin Davidson, the principal of Sale Creek High School. 
Mr. Berry says, "My district misses out on most programs." Again, I need more details on what programs? He says "look at the recent activity in District 3." What activity? It is really hard to defend a point with such vague statements.
I have a "news flash" for Mr. Berry. I am not expecting any of Fred's discretionary money. Fred set District 1 discretionary money aside for a football field at Sale Creek, an entrance to Daisy Elementary off Sequoyah Road, and a track at Soddy Daisy High School. Another "news flash"- the school system has a limited amount of money for capital projects and the school system has 78 schools that need money for projects each year. Fred and I discussed years ago which projects had top priority in District 1. There was not enough money available from the school system to fully fund any of these projects because each project cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, we found out how much we could get from the capital project fund and then Fred pledged the rest from his discretionary fund. Some of that money has stayed in Fred's account at the commission waiting for the projects to get underway. Just this year, after at least seven years, the HCDE got the approval to begin construction on the entrance to Daisy Elementary.  Mr. Berry does not have a clue how many people have to be on board for a project this large to get completed. This one project required approval from the school board, the city of Soddy Daisy, the state, the federal government, TVA and the EPA.
Yet another "news flash" - it is not my job to allocate funds received from the Commission to different projects. That job belongs to the entire 9-member school board. Anything that is funded from the Capital Projects Fund requires at least five "yes" votes. Each board member has to fight for funds and I have made my case for District 1 projects every year at budget time.
I am not sure if Mr. Berry has been in a coma or has been so blinded by his hate for me that he has not noticed that Sale Creek is getting a new addition to their school so they can get rid of their portables. He also must have missed the new Soddy Elementary, the SDHS girl's softball field, the new playground at North Hamilton County Elementary and the new JROTC program at Sequoyah. 
Mr. Berry does not have to remember back 11 years for me to say that some of the smartest and richest people I have known had either an elementary education or a vocational education. I have also said I know college-educated people who have no common sense and are homeless. If that statement is a "slap in your face" or offensive, too bad. I refuse to pit one group of people against another just because some choose to work with their hands while others have a college degree and "owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans". A college degree does not make you any better than painters, electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, iron workers, meter readers, bank tellers, mail carriers, barbers, or even hairdressers.  
I think your statement "for her to even insinuate that her 27 (now 38) years as a hairdresser somehow tops a degree from an accredited university" was referring to the time I told someone that I did not know what they did for a living, but I bet I could learn to do their job in a few months, but I bet they could not do my job in 10 years. What do you do for work? Will you take the challenge?
Mr. Berry said, "I wish you had this much enthusiasm educating the students in District 1." It is not a school board member's job to educate. Remember, I do not have a teaching degree. Besides, why would you, of all people, want me in the classroom teaching children. The school board member's job is to allocate the money given to them by the Commission to provide the best education possible.
As for your snide comment about my "Let me help you spell my name campaign" - I recently heard someone said they did not think a write-in could win because they did not think there were enough people in Soddy Daisy who could spell Rhonda Thurman." Are you the person who made that statement? It certainly sounds like you at least agree with it.
 My campaign has not been to teach people how to spell my name because I know the people in District 1 can spell my name. Besides, even if people leave the "h" out of Rhonda or spell my last name Thurmond, the federal ruling in Florida during the "hanging chads" debacle said as long as the intent of the voter could be determined the vote counted. My campaign has been about the write-in process. Telling people they must fill in the circle and then write in Rhonda Thurman. They must know that both must be done for their vote to count. By the way, thank you for giving me the opportunity to remind voters again what they need to do to write in Rhonda Thurman.

Rhonda Thurman

* * *

I have never met Rhonda, so the only information with which I can form an opinion about her is what she says, and how those working in her school district feel about her. She certainly isn't doing herself any favors.

Starting with the latter, I have honestly never heard a positive comment about her. I know a handful of teachers at SDHS and one at Sale Creek, and none of them are happy with the job she is doing. One specific complaint was her telling parents that they did not have to pay an annual $50 fee that is used to purchase school supplies. That single-handedly caused teachers to have to dip into their own pockets more than they already did for supplies, or simply go without. This was mentioned by two teachers at different times.

Regarding the former, I get quite a sense of arrogance from reading her rants, especially her claim about her being able to learn someone else's job in a few months, while they couldn't learn hers in 10 years. To add the icing of immaturity on the cake of arrogance, she then presents it as a challenge and asks if anyone will accept. As if that scenario is even possible. She might as well have added a million dollar wager to prove how serious she was.

To respond to her "challenge", yes, I am confident that I (and basically anyone) could learn to be a hairdresser in the amount of time it takes to be a medical doctor. The fact that she thinks her job is so much harder than basically any other job actually leads me to believe she couldn't possibly learn another job in a few months - her ego would get in the way, if nothing else.

Sam Horn

* * *

Most voters are fed up with the mud balls being hurled in every direction during this campaign season.  I have always enjoyed reading Rhonda Thurman's opinions and have been disappointed that lately we don't see that many posts from her other than to defend herself.  For the record I'm tired of the sixth grade tactics used regarding her occupation, for every post I see with those negative statements I envision a self-proclaimed one percent expecting a front row parking spot simply because they don't own a pair of shoes over a year old. 

Get over yourself. Whatever occupation a business owner has they have proven themselves several times over by just being able to stay in business in these tough economic times and employ others.  Hats off to all small business owners.

Secondly, I am six years tired of hearing situations blamed on others.  Whatever Mr. Wamp's father did during his terms has zero effect on me concerning his son and what he might do.  I am so sick and tired of negative statements that I will automatically vote for the guy who at least makes an attempt to be positive.  It wasn't all that long ago that Mayfield was making his own negative statements about a guy who slit his tires.  Now they're best friends, go figure.  Forgive and forget?  I think not.
Obama has spent his entire political career blaming Bush, blaming white people, blaming anyone and everyone and now we see it in our own political figures.  I really thought Tennesseans were better than that, at least more manly than that.  I was wrong, our "manly men" now want to blame "hairdressers". Where does this end?  When does personal responsibility come into play, people?
Sue White

* * *

As a resident of District 1, I've been watching the District 1 County Commission race with much anticipation, especially after Randy Fairbanks defeated Fred Skillern in the Republican primary back in May.  After reading Tina Davidson's response, I believe she is misrepresenting the facts in how Randy Fairbanks has campaigned in this race.  To date, I have received three positive mailers, read multiple ads in the newspaper and listened to several calls from Randy Fairbanks.  At no point have I seen, read or heard any false, misleading or negative comments come from Randy regarding Rhonda Thurman or Fred Skillern. In fact, his communication efforts have focused on why I -- as a District 1 voter -- should vote for him on Aug. 7.  

On several occasions, I have talked with Randy at different community events and listened to his vision for our community -- one that I believe is right one for District 1.  Despite what certain people have claimed on the Chattanoogan.com, Randy is a conservative business owner that has actively worked and volunteered in the community.  Randy has served this community with distinction as a TSSAA official, and he has volunteered his time and resources for numerous community causes.  

Randy will listen to our concerns, and he will engage community residents on finding solutions to the important issues facing our community.  Randy understands this office is not about him -- it's about the residents he will represent in District 1.  This is why Randy is the community advocate that I want on the County Commission, and this is why I've already voted for him and strongly encourage others to vote for Randy Fairbanks for District 1 county commissioner.  

Alex Jones

* * *

That was a great letter Tim Price wrote, but he left one thing out. Randy Fairbanks has also been endorsed by Geno Shipley who signed up to run as a write-in candidate against Randy Fairbanks. This was because the Democrats supported Randy in the primary to get a weak candidate that Geno could mount a write-in campaign against. They set Fairbanks up.  This play went wrong when Rhonda Thurman declared as a write-in.  Then Geno promptly pulled out. 

By the way, Geno and the rest of the Soddy-Daisy commissioners have raised taxes three out of the last four years.  That's right, three out of the last four years.  This fits right in with the plot by Randy and some other county officials to raise taxes at the county level next year.  So Randy is not only supported by people like the Hamilton County Education Association, the sheriff and a union, all organizations who support tax increases, he is supported by those Soddy-Daisy commissioners who have increased taxes several times.  Will they ever have enough of our money?

Fairbanks is running around and having his picture made with those commissioners who seem to love increasing taxes to buy votes.  You don't have to believe me, just go on Facebook and look at the party at Jim Vincent's house for Fairbanks and the pictures are there. (Unless Randy took them down)  While attending a gathering in support of Rhonda Thurman, I saw mostly hard working taxpayers. 

The people of District 1 do not need this kind of representation. Without Fred Skillern on the commission, no one will stand up to the tax increasers unless Rhonda Thurman is elected.

Write-in Rhonda Thurman for honest, conservative government.

District 1 Taxpayer
Pauline Dennis

* * *

As a Republican voter and resident of Soddy Daisy, I am poud of our city officials to see ahead the needs of our city.  Yes, the taxes were raised to help give our employees a raise that was about $20 per week before taxes.  They also raised taxes last year to hire a part-time paid Fire Department.  We had a class 3 with volunteers, but with age and the younger people working during the day and unable to respond to calls, the people we elected to look out for the needs of the city did what we "hired" them to do.

My question is why does Rhonda care if the taxes were raised in Soddy Daisy. She lives in Falling Water.  I believe she may own property, but she chose to live in another city.  At the time the vote was taken it was a public meeting and only one person spoke against the raise.  He spoke about people on fixed income.  At  that time the city attorney gave information for those needing assistance with the taxes.  This info was copied and made public and I even shared the information with others

Let's tell the whole story when telling, I attended the budget meetings, which were open to anyone and questions were asked and discussed.  I supported the raise because I saw and understood the needs.

Margaret Chastain

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