Greg Callaham Graphic Design Wins 5 National Awards

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Greg Callaham Graphic Design has won five American Graphic Design Awards. Graphic Design USA, a national trade publication, conferred 2015 awards to Mr. Callaham's design work for Harvest Grocery, Kia of Chattanooga Service, TLC Diversified, Village VW and Zimmer MedizinSystems. 

"I’m very thankful to the AGDA for the opportunity to shine the national spotlight on clients such as these who are willing to go the extra mile in crafting consistent, memorable advertising and marketing messages," said Mr. Callaham. "That extra effort is worth it and this is the proof. I hope it’s something they can be very proud of."  

Mr. Callaham’s award-winning billboard design for Harvest grocery features the new grocery store’s logo displayed against a background styled to look like a wooden crate. “It was important for them to quickly establish themselves as a natural, organic food resource for Chattanooga shoppers. This design was meant to complement their in-store signage and maintain their branding efforts in the market,” said the designer. 

The Kia of Chattanooga Service billboard depicts a group of polished wrenches aligned like surgical instruments to promote the precision with which the advertiser repairs and maintains customer vehicles. “The headline really wrote itself for this one,” said Mr. Callaham. “The moment I saw the photo, the headline immediately sprang to mind. I couldn’t get it out of my head until I worked up the layout.” 

TLC Diversified first started working with Greg Callaham Graphic Design on their outdoor advertising in Florida. As the relationship grew, they asked Mr. Callaham to design a full-page ad for an industry trade publication, and that ad was awarded a national honor. “They had an excellent idea as a starting point,” recalled Mr. Callaham. “Together we massaged the concept through a handful of revisions and produced a strong ad that relates the message clearly and accurately conveys the image of the company.” 

Mr. Callaham’s billboard design for Village VW gained merit for the simple color palette and concise messaging. “The good folks out a Village VW had an exceptional deal on the VW Touareg,” Mr. Callaham said. “I wanted to maintain the VW brand identity through the use of their corporate blue and white, while making sure passers-by could not miss the special incentive being offered.” 

For the second year, the designer pulled in an award for his work with Zimmer MedizinSystems, a medical equipment manufacturer based in Germany. The launch of their new ZWave acoustic pulse wave device opened the door to a wide-reaching campaign across a variety of media. “This was one of those projects I love to wade into,” said Mr. Callaham. “From sell sheets, to magazine ads, to trade show displays, this gave us a chance to showcase the new product and continue to establish the Zimmer MedizinSystems brand in the North American aesthetic therapy market.” 

For 50 years the American Graphic Design Awards, through the editors of Graphic Design USA, has honored the outstanding work of creative professionals in the graphic arts community. To win an American Graphic Design Award means the entry is recognized as some of the best and brightest among thousands of entries from graphic design firms, advertising agencies, in-house corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media across the United States, in 23 categories from print and packaging to internet and interactive design, said officials. 

Greg Callaham is the owner of Greg Callaham Graphic Design, a Chattanooga design studio delivering creative for outdoor advertising, catalogs and product brochures, logo design and corporate identity packages, and a wide range of other advertising and marketing materials to the global marketplace. More information can be found at

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