Rhonda On The Prowl: A Lovin' Mouthful Of Lupi's

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - by Rhonda Tuggle

Last night, after my friend Roxy and I finished our Zumba class at the downtown YMCA, we decided to reward ourselves with some Lupi's pizza. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why waste our workout on a cheesy, doughy pizza? Well, perhaps you didn’t consider the reason I go to Zumba class is so I can indulge, guilt free, in foods like the authentic hand-tossed pizza of Lupi's Pizza Pies.  

A waste, you may still scoff.

To which I reply: to each her own.

Roxy and I walked to the pizzeria from the YMCA. With the time change, it was already dark out at 6:00. The darkness did not deter us, however. When we reached Broad Street, the neon lights hanging in Lupi's’ windows guided us right to the front door. As did the smells of savory pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and warm baked dough.

Inside, Roxy and I had a hard time deciding what to order. Should we go with the calzone, the lasagna, or the famous pizza pie? Ahead of us in line were our biker friends Jodie and Trish. They had just placed their order at the counter for a pizza to-go.

“We got the Signature Pizza,” Jodie said.

“You can never go wrong with the Signature,” added Trish.

Seeing as Lupi's is a Chattanooga staple when it comes to pizza, Roxy and I questioned our menu options no more. When we got up to the counter we ordered a 12” Signature to share, as well as a cold beer a piece because, remember, we had just worked out so we earned it.

Not to mention, along with great pizza, Lupi's also has a great beer and wine selection.

Sitting in a dimly-lit booth against the main wall, Roxy and I reminisced about all the times we’ve come to Lupi's together. The place has been open nearly 20 years, and it keeps its customers coming back. This is because the atmosphere is funky-fresh; the employees are friendly and hardworking; and the pizza with its 30+ topping selection never disappoints.

When our pizza came, Roxy and I took a moment to let its aesthetics and aroma fill our senses before we chowed down. The Signature Pizza comes with Italian sausage, red and yellow peppers, red onion, roasted garlic cloves, basil, mozzarella, and tomato sauce that is made in house. You can order Lupis pizza by the slice, or as a 12” or 16” pie. The 12” pie has always proved to be the perfect size for two people to split. The base cost for the 12” is $11.75 plus $1.95 per topping. As a whole, the Signature Pizza came out to $24. A little steep, you might think, but worth every delectable bite.

As Roxy and I ate, we admired how the homemade crust was neither too thick nor too thin. “They get it just right every time,” Roxy said after licking her fingers. “They sure do, Rox,” I agreed.

“See you at the same time for Zumba next week?” I asked Roxy as we left Lupi's.

“You bet-ya Rhonda,” Roxy said.

Besides, the only reason we go to Zumba is so we can treat ourselves to Lupi's afterwards. 

Location: 406A Broad Street

Hours: TUES-THURS 11-10 FRI-SAT 11-11 SUN 11:30-9 MON CLOSED

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