New Rules On Firewood Impact Visitors To The Smoky Mountains

Monday, March 2, 2015

New rules governing firewood brought into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are now in effect. Under the new rules, only heat-treated firewood will be allowed as part of a plan to protect the forests from non-native insects and pests. Traditional firewood can transport pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer to native trees.

Local company Prologue, received approval for its fire logs to be used in the park. These fire logs use no binders or chemicals and are made in Tennessee. Travelers to the region can follow the new guidelines by bringing compliant fire materials on their trip. 

“Building a fire is an essential part of a trip to the Smoky Mountains, whether you’re in a cabin or at a campground,” said Dwight Bryant, owner and CEO of Prologue. “But we need to have that experience and keep trees in the park safe from invasive bugs. With our products you can have that experience. More importantly, you can help protect the park.”

Prologue, manufactures the only extruded logs in the United States. In addition to being bug free, the products are low smoke and spark free, making them ideal for open campfire cooking as well as grilling.

Prologue is available locally at:

·      Pruett’s Market, Signal Mountain

·      Raceway, Signal Mountain Road, Chattanooga

·      Ace Hardware, Whitwell

·      Raceway, Whitwell

Extruded logs are already widely used in Europe and Canada for heating, but Prologues are the first that can be used for cooking, smoking and grilling as well as heating.  Because of their 100 percent hickory content they are excellent for grilling in BBQ, smokers and campfires.

Businesses interested in carrying Prologues can contact Nancy Witte at 757 561-1576 or

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