Planning Staff Recommends Denial For 49 Residential Lots On Mountain Creek Road Near Browntown Road

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Southeast Land Partners is planning 49 residential lots on a 9.8-acre site on Mountain Creek Road.

However, the Regional Planning Agency staff is recommending denial for the rezoning.

Marie Marshall and Rick Pollard own the property near Browntown Road.

In recommending denial, the staff said:

The proposal is not consistent with the development form of the area based on the proposed smaller lots that are abutting larger residential lots
The proposal is not consistent with the development form of the area based on turning the back of
lots onto an existing street, Mountain Creek Road, where there are two single-family detached houses facing the street.
The proposal does not meet the intent or purpose of the Planned Unit Development as it fails to use
a new technique or technology currently difficult to use through conventional zoning.
The proposal does not meet the intention of the Planned Unit Development as it fails to define an
environmental or topographic hardship making the requirements of the existing zone infeasible.
The proposal does not meet the intention of the Planned Unit development by failing to introduce
attractive open space for the benefit of the wider community.
The proposal does not provide for future connectivity to large undeveloped lots to the southwest
which will experience additional pressure to develop based on this proposal.
The proposed residential density of 5 dwelling units per acre is not compatible with the surrounding
densities of 1.25 dwelling units per acre
The proposal would set a precedent for future requests by limiting future developments connectivity,
introducing a different character to the neighborhood through higher densities, and encourage
subdivisions to turn away from major thoroughfares

The case goes before the Planning Commission next Monday at 1 p.m. at the County Courthouse.

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