Crye-Leike Honors Its Military Families For 2016 Veterans Day

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Real estate business will stop for two minutes on Veterans Day at Crye-Leike Real Estate Services, the nation’s sixth largest residential real estate company.

Crye-Leike’s Chairman of the Board and CEO Harold E. Crye is asking its 3,200-plus sales associates and 800–plus employees to pay tribute on Veterans Day with its 1:11 pm Moment of Silence Campaign. Mr. Crye served in the Army as first lieutenant, Quartermaster Corp as well as served 12 months in the 8th Army HQ in Seoul, South Korea.

With Crye-Leike Real Estate Services having over 115 branch offices in nine states, sales associates and employees are being asked to observe a two-minute moment of silence at 1:11 p.m., local time, on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, to honor and remember the 128 United States military service men, women and veterans who are related to sales associates and employees of Crye-Leike and its affiliated services, or who have served themselves.

“We all are busy in our daily lives, but no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are asking everyone to join the nation and Crye-Leike in our Veterans Day 1:11 pm Moment of Silence Campaign,” said Mr. Crye.  “Try to refrain from speaking or moving places to take that two-minute moment on Veterans Day to give a prayer of thanks and remembrance to our U.S. service men and women for risking their lives to defend the freedom of others.”                                     

Of the 128 military service men, women and veterans within Crye-Leike and its affiliated services who are serving or who have served in the U.S. forces, 16 of them are located in Crye-Leike of Southeast Tennesse’s six branch offices.  They are:

Crye-Leike’s Athens, Tenn. branch office pays tribute to: Second Class Petty Officer Russell R. Cole, husband of Mary Cole, a Crye-Leike sales associate.

Crye-Leike’s Chattanooga-East Brainerd branch office pays tribute to: Staff Sergeant Jonathan Still, son of Susan Barnette, a Crye-Leike sales associate.

Crye-Leike’s Cleveland branch office pays tribute to: Lance Corporal David Lynch, Retired, fiancee of Samantha Warnemuende, a Crye-Leike employee; Sergeant Jim Davis, Retired, a Crye-Leike sales associate; Sergeant Tim Sams, Retired, a Crye-Leike sales associate; Bryan Sams (Corporal), son of Tim and Jannis Sams, Crye-Leike sales associates; Sergeant Ron Burris, Retired, a Crye-Leike sales associate; Terry Barnette (Corporal), a Crye-Leike sales associate; Lieutenant Junior Grade Larry D Allen, Retired, a Crye-Leike sales associate; and Michael Christopher Whitaker (Lance Corporal), son of Sandy Whaley, a Crye-Leike sales associate.

Crye-Leike’s Hixson branch office pays tribute to: C. Ron Tucker (Petty Officer Second Class), a Crye-Leike sales associate; and, Yeoman Chief Petty Officer Diana E. Fleshman, Retired, wife of Kenny Fleshman, a Crye-Leike sales associate;

Crye-Leike’s Ooltewah branch office pays tribute to: John F Robertson, Jr. (Sergeant), husband of Janice Robertson, a Crye-Leike sales associate.

Crye-Leike’s Signal Mountain branch office pays tribute to: Jesse Holland Henon (Captain), a Crye Leike sales associate; Major Jonathan P Hitchcock, son of Lynn W Hitchcock, a Crye-Leike sales associate; and Charlie G Smith,Sr. (Corporal), husband of Jean H Smith, a Crye-Leike sales associate.

Crye-Leike’s 1:11 PM Moment of Silence Campaign complements the Veterans Day Moment of Silence Act (S.1004).  

The Veterans Day Moment of Silence Act is a bill that was initiated on April 16, 2015 and recently enacted after being signed by President Barack Obama on October 7, 2016. The Act is issued by the president each year as a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe two minutes of silence on Veterans Day in honor of the service and sacrifice of veterans throughout the history of the nation, beginning at specific times noted for all regions of the United States, i.e., 1:11 p.m. (CST), or 2:11 p.m. (EST). For complete details on the bill, go to

 “Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all who serve or have served our country, but especially to those we think of as our Crye-Leike family,” said Dick Leike, president of Crye-Leike, Inc.  

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