Congress Needs To Get Down To Business And The News Media Report Facts

Monday, October 16, 2017
"Pettiness" seems to be the driver of the news continuing into its third week.  When will it stop?

I want to make it clear to my friends, this country and abroad, that I have called the President much worse words than "moron" to my best friend, so much worse that I am sure they would not be printed by AOL in the interest of acceptability.  I make no apologies.  They were true, well chosen, spelled correctly, and I was free to do so because of my Constitutional rights.

However, I am not employed for financial gain to report the news of the day to the public if not the world.  It is time for the news channels to get their heads out of the sand and begin to educate the voting public by reporting the facts, not their personal opinions on all elements and circumstances about matters of substance, importance, national security, status of policies and other pending significance, as well as political actions affecting the nation, to provide us with something of value that can be used in making decisions about how to cast our votes when the time comes.  We are hungry for facts, especially those generated by a well-coordinated and agreed-upon position by our government.

The Senate is back in session today.  It has my sympathy.  Senator Corker, you have my continued support on every item that has hit the skids because of this President and his inability to hit the road running as required by his elected office.  We have to help him and be patient while he learns, but only as long as it does not jeopardize this country.  We are there already.  The Senate can help.  Senator McConnell is no fool, unlike the total failure Steve Bannon described him as at a family-oriented, religious/political conference this weekend.

Grab the reins and go to work for the people, Congress.  We need leadership at a time when our very existence as a Republic is being threatened.  I refuse to be diverted by weak links in a short chain that has no place in our United States of America.

Charlotte Parton

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