Chattanooga Airport Projected To Have Over 700,000 Annual Flights By 2030s

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Consultants give report on future of Chattanooga Airport
Consultants give report on future of Chattanooga Airport

The Chattanooga Airport is projected to have over 700,000 flights by the 2030s, consultants developing a 20-year master plan said Tuesday.

Brian Morh, of InterVISTAS, said the Airport is due to have about 68 flights in and out on a typical day by that time.

Terry Hart, Airport president, said the facility is on track for another banner year for enplanements. He said, "It is not a matter of if we will break the record, but by how much."

Mr. Mohr said the Airport may be having parking problems now, but he said in general airport revenues across the country as well as rental cars are down due to the influx of Uber and Lyft.

However, he noted that additional steps will likely be needed at the local facility because it is running out of space for parking. Cars were circling the lots on Tuesday trying to find empty spots.

He said a parking garage may be an option.

Board member Frazana Khaleel said a parking garage is a major capital outlay, and the Airport may need to further push the Uber and Lyft movement to try to scale down parking needs.

Mr. Mohr said there will be a continual move to larger airplanes serving the local airport. He said by the 2030s that most of the planes will be larger regional jets with some full-size planes.

The Airport plans to tear down two vacant buildings it owns. Those are the former Bell South building on Pinewood Avenue and the old weather station on Cedar Lane.

Complete Demolition Services will get the contract for $122,000. The work is expected to take a month or less.

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