HCDE Designated “Achieving” By State Department Of Education

Friday, October 20, 2017

Information released by the Tennessee Department of Education places Hamilton County in a very competitive position in comparison to other districts in the state, said officials. 

The state released its district determination data and school accountability determinations Friday, which take into account both achievement and growth.

 There are four levels: 1. Needs Improvement, 2. Progressing, 3. Achieving and 4. Exemplary. 

HCDE announced the district is ranked as “Achieving” with a total score of 2.97. This means HCDE is only .03 points from the highest level ranking of “Exemplary.” 

HCDE Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson was pleased to receive these results. “Thanks to our amazing teachers, leaders, and community support, this District Designation moves us closer to our goal of becoming the fastest improving district in the state of Tennessee,” he said. 

There are several levels where our schools are exemplary, said officials. To get the full determination, the state looks at overall achievement and achievement within subgroups. 

In addition, five HCDE schools earned Reward School status by the Department of Education for being in the top 5 percent percent for achievement (Performance) and/or growth (Progress). 

Two schools earned Reward for Progress designation. They are East Ridge Middle and Thrasher Elementary. 

Three schools earned Reward for Performance. This included Lookout Mountain Elementary, Nolan Elementary, Thrasher Elementary and STEM School Chattanooga. 

In addition, Hixson Middle School was able to exit Focus Status due to this year’s scores. 

“We will continue to learn from the areas in which we have experienced success so that we can accelerate the pace of ensuring that every student in Hamilton County Schools graduates prepared for post-secondary,” added Dr. Johnson. 


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