Cleveland City Schools Named As "Achieving" In Latest State Data Release

Friday, October 20, 2017

Final TNReady testing data is in and Cleveland City Schools has as a district, a combination of overall and subgroup achievement measures, a final accountability score of 2.51, placing it in the upper half of the "Achieving" designation, indicating the district is meeting growth expectations on average.

Districts statewide were placed in either In Need of Improvement, Progressing, Achieving, or Exemplary.

Dr. Russell Dyer, director of schools, said, “I am proud of the job our administrators, teachers, and school staff have done this past year to ensure students are learning at high levels. It’s a team effort and I appreciate our school board, staff, families, students, and community for pulling together to move students forward. We will continue to focus our efforts this year to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.” 

Diving deeper into the data, students in grades 3-5 moved up more than 10 percentile points in their state ranking in both ELA and Mathematics. Michael Kahrs, director of Student Management, said, “Improvements like these from our students definitely point to the tireless, professional efforts of teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure students receive the absolute best instruction possible. The data reassures us where our successes were, but ultimately helps us identify and improve areas for improvement.”

At the middle and high school levels, results were mixed with Graduation Rate and ACT Composites as standouts. Because data is delayed for Graduation Rate and ACT Composites, 2015/16 scores are used in the state’s calculations. In grades 6-8, English Language Learners were a standout, significantly raising their ranking within the state.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Jeff Elliott, attributed district successes to dedicated teamwork and a focus on diverse, student learning experiences. “With our system’s emphasis on innovative learning experiences around revised curriculum standards, I am excited to see Cleveland students continue to showcase high levels of academic achievement and growth in the future.”

More detailed files and information are available on the state’s assessment website.

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