This Country Needs An AUMF

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Senator Corker:
I just heard a discussion on CNN arguing the pros and cons of an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force).  It floors me that so many are so anxious to elevate themselves in the mind of the listeners that they will wade out into subjects too deep for them to develop or project common sense.

I will say it loud and clear:  This country needs an AUMF.  We are the only land mass that must move our war machine (equipment and manpower) across the oceans to the battle from whence our attacker comes.
 We need all the lead time we can originate for ourselves and those smaller countries with whom we have agreements for protection.  Congress can do something about this.  Do not allow the President to continue to wage war by running his mouth and bringing animosity and hate upon our people and the country.

I will say it further that no one in the media deserves a military briefing such as that General Dunford was forced to give yesterday to quell all the false reports heating up the airwaves the past two weeks.  We have more liars in this country at all levels than the truth can survive in.  It is time to shut them down.  Congress can do something about this too.  The Victor holding the power over our last worldly battle sent us a message:  "Go ye therefore into all the world and preach to all nations, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."  How many times do we have to read in that same book how that same Victor hates a liar.  We have them at all levels of elected office right down to the beggar on the streets.  But none is so bold and constant as the pretend leader of this country.  Congress alone can do something about this.

Charlotte Parton

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