Miller Industries Expands Carrier Plant To One Of The Largest In The World

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. announces the completion of its latest expansion and renovation of their main carrier production facility in Hermitage, Pa.  The facility now boasts over 217,000 square feet and a significant increase in production capability.
The carrier plant expansion is only part of a simultaneous expansion of all their American production facilities.  The carrier plant expansion cost nearly $25 million and took two years to complete.  With more than 240 employees and growing, the carrier production facility is now capable of producing two carrier beds per hour.
  The increase in capacity will aid in keeping up with the demand from both the consumer markets, as well as the public sector and rental fleets.  This is greatly due to the addition of high-tech robotic equipment, officials said.  Produced in Switzerland and costing about $3.5 million, these new MIG welding robots are a first of their kind for this type of production environment.  "The installation of new robotic metal benders and slicers are a nice complement, by producing cleaner and more accurate metal cuts and bends," officials said.
Miller also added four new paint booths with electric proportional mixing systems, two gas fueled heat booths and one particulate blast booth.  All of these production enhancements bring inherent quality improvements as well.
A secondary initiative are the enhancements to the facilities environmental impact.  With state of the art air evacuation and filtration systems, the entire facility is kept spotless, officials said.  The implementation of all-LED lighting provides for superior lighting, while reducing energy consumption and reducing the overall environmental footprint.  Other environmental benefits, such as compressed air recycling to provide heat to the building, is yet another method of reducing the overall waste and impact to the environment.
"Miller Industries continues to display their leadership example in the towing equipment manufacturing industry, both by their expertise in every aspect of the manufacturing quality process and in their attention to detail and awareness of the importance of reducing their impact on the environment," officials said.

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