Police Blotter: Applebee's Waitress Jumps On Car After Group Walks Out On $56 Tab; White Male In 2-Tone Minivan Graffiti Tagging In Southside

Friday, October 27, 2017

A waitress at Applebee's on Shallowford Village Drive said she was waiting on a table with three black females and one black male. When they received their bill of $56 they walked out. She witnessed them walk out and followed them. They got into a beige station wagon and attempted to leave. She then stepped onto the vehicle and they took off down Shallowford Village Drive. When they were passing Fazolis the driver of the vehicle pushed her off the vehicle, causing her to hit the road and leave some road rash and a few cuts to her arm. She then walked back to Applebee's and called police.

* * *

A resident of Appling Street said she locked her car around 1 p.m. However, her driver side door does not lock completely. She stated she was sitting inside when she thought to check her car. She looked out the door and discovered a young black male wearing a green poncho or rain jacket, red shoes and khaki shorts leaning in her driver seat grabbing papers from the glove box. The thief saw her and took off on foot running toward Wheeler Avenue. He took several birth certificates, Social Security cards, and mail. Officer searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

* * *

The manager of Applebee's on Shallowford Village Drive said the store received a call from an unknown phone number. He said the caller never would give his name, but claimed he is a federal investigator with federal judge Steve Owen. He was attempting to get the manager to take store money and purchase money cards and call him back with the numbers. The manager said he told the caller that he would not be doing this and that he would call the store's attorney. At this point, the caller hung up. The manager said the same person tried to scam the Brainerd store also.

* * *

Erica Hall was driving west on Boy Scout Road and did not see that the gravel had been washed out of a large hole in the road due to the rain. Ms. Hall hit the pothole and both tires on the passenger side went flat. There were two other vehicles pulled off in the lot where Ms. Hall had parked that also had flat tires. An officer walked over to look at the pothole and all the gravel had been washed out of the hole by the rain. There were no warnings about the large pothole in the middle of the road. The officer called public works and they came out to fix the large hole.

* * *

An employee of Papa Johns on Brainerd Road said his gold Chevrolet Cruze was stolen while he was at work. The vehicle was located later the same evening at 100 N Parkdale Ave. 

* * *

A man told police that when he went in to work at 137 Jordan Dr. he noticed that his red car hauler trailer was gone. When he watched the video of the lot you can see a white male walking around the trailer. The suspect then backs a red truck up to the trailer and hooks it up. The suspect then leaves the area. There was also what appears to be a Ford Ranger truck with racing stripes on it circling the area several times. 

* * *

A resident of Fairview Drive said, while he was attending church on Sunday, someone came onto his property to the lower end of his yard and cut the chains securing his 8-foot by 6-foot utility trailer. He said that he purchased the trailer in July 2017. He had it chained to his large boat trailer. He said even the chains and locks are gone. The trailer is black with white wheels. 

* * *

The owner of Edible Arrangements on Brainerd Road, said someone broke the grill of her van and stole the vehicle's battery. The suspect also spray painted her security camera. She was able to clean the camera off, but that it may have been pulled around and may be damaged. She said that her vehicle has been damaged several times in the past.

* * *

A man said he got up to find that his vehicle was stolen at Williams Street. Dispatch checked the vehicle tow log and it had not been towed. Mr. Large did not know if he had locked the doors on his vehicle or not. He was also unsure if he had left the spare key inside the car. There was no broken glass near where the vehicle was parked. The vehicle is equipped with keyless entry and keyless ignition. The man had his passport inside the vehicle. There is a Belmont University sticker in the rear window. Items from the car were later found on the north lot of Finley Stadium.

* * *

At Felton's Clutch and Brake Service at 1802 Washington St., Marc Baker wanted to inform police of some graffiti tagging that had happened in the area. Mr. Baker has video cameras on the outside of his business. After noticing the graffiti, he reviewed his video and located the suspect. The young white male was driving a two-tone minivan. He tagged the road sign at the intersection of Washington and Rossville Avenue, two electrical poles outside 1802 Washington, and a construction sign at 1900 Washington. It is unclear what the tagging says, but looks like four letters. This is being documented in case it continues or becomes more of a problem, police said.

* * *

Alan Beard said he and his fiancee, Yesenia Quinones, were in a verbal disorder due to her finding two opened condom wrappers. He said that Ms Quinones confronted him about them and, when a verbal argument started, he called Police. He said that Ms Quinones was "interfering" with his ability to leave the home but nothing physical occurred. The officer spoke with Ms. Quinones, who said she found the opened condom wrappers and, when she asked Mr. Beard about it, he immediately called Police and left the residence. She also said no physical altercation occurred. Mr. Beard decided to call an Uber due to being intoxicated and went to stay at a hotel.



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